Personal War

Ugly- these feelings that beat me down, hurting me.
Second Rate- how you make me feel each time you glance my way.
Sordid- these scars on my wrists, which will never fade.
Evil- what I am inside, as well as outside.
Painful- the knowledge that I can never be the person you want me to be.
Disgusting- the lies that people tell me, and the lies I tell myself.
Controlling- the anger within that burns so strongly, it makes me want to hurt myself.
Jealous- the past which returns again and again to haunt my thoughts and actions.
Spiteful- all the nasty things that go through my mind when I think about "them."
Cowardly- not being able to think, do or say as I wish to.
Destructive- the constant rejections that I face every day.

Beautiful- how being able to express myself on paper truly makes me feel.