Hunt And Kill - Prologue

Elena's parents had been the first.

A victim of horrific vampire attacks, the town of Beverly in the north west of America had turned literally overnight into a virtual feeding ground for the undead. Out on a weekend trip with friends, Elena Rivers had been one of the few teenagers left there. She remembered vividly the day they had returned from the camping trip in the countryside. Tired, but full of cheer and exuberance, they had found themselves in the ruins of the hometown they had all grown up in. Elena Rivers, Gillian O'Connor, Sherri Thompson and Wilhelmina (Mina) Hargreaves were the oldest left. Just sixteen years old, they were the only ones of their age in the town. The adults had gone; some either slaughtered unmercifully like the weak and elderly, or turned into vampires. The rest had been brainwashed by the vampires into a zombie-like servitude. The ruthless clan of hellishly efficient vampires was touring America, forming an army to subdue the world. Only the adults were taken, and teenagers were abducted for food for the growing masses. The children were left behind; they were too weak for recruitment into this new, bloodthirsty army, and the fun for the vampire master was to watch the children screaming in fear as their parents bit or tortured them. When the time came, the children would be a part of his plan, too.
None of the adults had believed the children's tales of vampires attacking them. Sure, strange things had been happening all over America, some of the grown-ups had disappeared, but it was probably just moms and dads running out on their partners, it happened all the time.

Vampires?? Don't make me laugh!

No one was laughing when the vampires had finished. Streets that they had passed through were littered with bodies of the weak; nobody could resist the vampires, not even the most strong-willed of people. Only those who were of no use to them were dead, or spared, as the children thought. Blood was daubed on the walls, strangely shaped letters and symbols formed with the rusty brown stains. The overpowering stench of the bodies, rotting in the scorchingly hot summer permeated even the most tightly sealed windows. Almost everywhere you could hear alarms wailing, sirens shrieking through broken windows of burgled shops, and house alarms from robbed homes. Cars were insistently blaring at passers-by.
In the better neighbourhoods, tables were stacked against the broken glass of the now dirty windows, and pieces of scrap wood were nailed clumsily over any gaps. Children, when they ventured out, walked around warily in large groups, armed with baseball bats and kitchen knives. Almost everyone who had a circle of friends was staying at one person's house for safety. The question that was plaguing the now dangerous and hostile streets was the question plaguing the whole country.

Why were we left behind?

* * * * *

Author's Note: This is just the prologue to a new story. Bear with me people please, this is my first original fiction (story) I've posted, so I'm going to try and improve as I go along (that's the idea, anyway), and if you have any pointers, please feel free to review and say where you think I've gone wrong, or just review to comment on this story.