Narrow Minded

Yes, I have an opinion,
Only you don't seem to think that I am allowed one.
Understand what I am trying to tell you;

Although I will listen to you, I will not always agree,
Rather, I will take into account what you are saying, and think about it.
Exactly the opposite of what you do when I speak.

Never listening, you tell me I am wrong,
And try and convince me that you are right,
Rarely backing away from an argument, even when I am not arguing.
Remember that you are not the only one with a voice,
Other people have different thoughts that you do,
We don't all have to follow your lead and think you are right.

Maybe you could try and accept that?
It would certainly help a lot...
Next to you, the world's greatest debaters would not get a word in,
Determined to have the final say,
Every time we talk.
Don't bother listening to me then- but I'll go and find someone who will!


If you didn't notice, the first letter of each line comes together to spell out "You are narrow minded." Not YOU obviously, but the person that this is aimed at!