In New York City, sirens were blaring, people were talking, and cars were rushing in the streets. The lights were seemingly blinding, and rain was beating hard against every surface in the city. But one particular figure could care less. In a window, on the top floor of the Empire State building, there was what appeared to be a sixteen-year-old girl looking down at the chaotic city. She was wearing a leather, beige colored jacket and underneath you could see a dark jean jumpsuit to fit her figure perfectly. Her long, braided, silver hair was getting soaked from the night's rain. And her ebony eyes were doing what normal people did not. They were bleeding. But her eyes weren't the only parts of her bleeding. Her mouth had a drop of blood on the side. She licked her lips to reveal fangs. She also wore a band around her head. This girl is... well, she's me.

My name is Mika. No last name, no middle name. I didn't need it. I had lived for 2000 years and never saw the use of it. It always changed every era I lived through. I can't let onto what I am. I'm forbidden to. My kind likes their privacy. Both of my kinds. Not exactly easy being known only as monsters and then people wanting to hunt you. It was best if we were left only as myths and legends. And nightmares to some.

Just what am I? Well, at times I'm not sure myself. For one minute I'm something, and at other's I'm something else. But there are dark moments, where I can't control my other self...

No I am not always blind. Just whenever I'm ready to kill. You could tell with someone else's blood dripping from my lip, my eyes bleeding like they were, and the twin daggers in each of my hands were both dripping in blood: I had satisfied the killing desire and yet my eyes were still bleeding. But it wasn't anything I couldn't stop myself. Infact right there I just blinked and the blood stopped flowing and my eyes were now a stunning green instead of the horrific black. I looked down at the street below me and slowly climbed out of the window to stand on the ledge infront of the window. Seemed like a pretty good jump. Didn't look as fun as he St. Louis Arch was, but still, a jump was a jump. I stood up straight closing my eyes again and spread my arms to where it almost looked like I were on a cross or something. I was never too religious. Nothing against it, but still. Kind of hard for me to do it. As I felt the rain beating down on me again, I fell forward, falling off of the ledge, thinking not of what will happen , but of what all I am.

I am an immortal. A monster. I am a child of darkness. I am a human's worst nightmares. I am superior. I am Myths and I am legends. I am half of two of the most powerful beings in this world. I am Half Demon. And I am Half Vampire. Before I say any more, you have to know what's it like... see it through my eyes... The eyes of a Blind killer.....


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