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In downtown London, in a dancing club with blaring music, you could make out people, most looked to be in their twenties, maybe younger, dancing, talking, or drinking at the bar. The People were wearing mainly black clothing and almost all of them wore comfortable neck pieces whether it be many necklaces, bits of cloth, or part of their shirt. the majority of them had black ahir, but there were a few who had light blonde hair. Most of them also had blue or green eyes. Those who didn't also didn't wear a neck piece. We focus our attention not on the busy crowd, but in the beams above all the crowds and drunks. From there you can see three people, two men and one girl, sitting on the beams laughing and drinking lightly with each other. the two boys both had black hair, but one had his hair tied up in a low ponytail. The second had spiked hair. They both had blue eyes too. the girl had long, silver, braided hair and with black bangs in her face, which was good because it covered the X shape scar on her forehead. Her green/amber eyes following the people down below. She looked to one of the boys and tossed what looked like a beer bottle. The one with the Ponytail caught it.

"Nice toss. Missed me by a quarter of an inch." he said. the girl snickered and continued watching below as if looking for something. She spotted a girl about sixteen-years-old, who was just staying at teh bar, drunk and practically couldn't move. The bar tender looked up at the Girl above and winked. She smiled as she leaned over the beam.

"uh oh... she's hungry. humans better watch out." the spikey one said. the girl threw a dagger at him and it went right through his shoulder pinning him to the wall. He winced and then stared at the dagger. "So Mean. I like that in a-!"

"Finish that sentence and i'll have your body stuck underground, and your head above ground until dawn, Louis." she said still watching the sixteen-year-old. Louis rolled his blue eyes and took the dagger out. the wound healing immediately.

"So, how long do you reckon until we start feeding, Jon?" He asked the other boy. he shrugged.

"I'd say not too long. We might blow it if Mika over there doesn't wait. And if we get caught before they start, we're dead and saying hello Mr. Sun and Mrs. Death." Jon said. Mika didn't even comment on that. "well two of us will." he added. Mika smiled and looked at him blowing her black bangs out of her face.

"I'm going down to feed. You boys hungry? She's a pretty juicy one." Mika said hanging upside down from the beam by her legs now. the two boys snickered.

"No way. You'll take her all. plus if you get caught first, well we'll just say that our three hundred years of being vampires just went down the drain." Louis said taking a drink. he accidentally spilled some of it and the red liquid dripped on his dark blue shirt. "Shit! Dammit! Why didn't i get black?!" he growled. he took off the shirt and then held up the stain close to his mouth. He began sucking it out of the cloth. Mika and Jon shook their heads. "Hey! I still don't like the idea of killing humans just to feed." he protested. Mika rolled her eyes.

"You suck, Louis! Why the hell did that vampire turn you?" She said. She seemed to disappear and they both saw that she was now a few seats a way from the soon to be victim. Louis held up his bottle.

"Yup. I do suck! I suck blood for a living! Literally." he said. Jon laughed at his friends comment and asked for the bottle. "Naw man! You go suck! Plenty of humans they herded in tonight."

"Dude, screw you!" Jon looked to the other side of the club and saw another girl lying on the couch in the relaxing area. He smirked. "Then again, i think i'll screw her!"

"You're such the perv!" Louis said. He took a drink of the obvious blood and watched Mika as Jon disappeared too. Mika's feedings were usually gruesome, but interesting.

Mika looked at her prey and smiled. The bartender looked over at her and then held up one finger. Mika held up two. He nodded and gave the girl another drink. She happily took it and then began chatting with him about everyday things. Mika smirked to herslef, and stole a safe drink from someone else. She knew it was safe since she had a keen sense of smell. Mika was not your every night vampire....

The bartender began chuckling and turned to fix another drink. He looked over at Mika and nodded. She winked at him and then stood up and began walking over to the girl who was apparently wasted and getting sick. Mika about made it, but in the blink of an eye, three men appeared infront of her. The two white men were blonde, and the black man, who was about three times the size of them, had no hair and tattoos all over his upper torso which was clear since he didn't wear a shirt, but he did wear a neck piece. They all had stunning Blue eyes. the first Blonde stepped forward to Mika and was pretty much in the young looking vampire's face. she looked him dead in the eye, the Amber color gone, and all that remained was green.

"Well, looks like we got a halfling here boys. A halfling who obviously refuses to hide her colors. We could spot you ten thousand miles away." he said taking a tight hold of her Silver braid. Mika didn't move. she continued to look him in the eyes. "At least you're quiet. Listen, Halfling's are not allowed in here, got it? the hunters and the hunted only. Which brings up the question, how the hell did you get in here?"

"My secret and mine alone. now let go of me or you will pay dearly. I'm Hungry and no one, NO ONE, seperates me from my .... /snack/." Mika said. the second blonde snickered.

"Who the hell do you think you are? a daughter of one of the almighty leaders? Which is really impossible, because none of the leaders would go to such low levels. Unless you're an accidental whose mother is a wh-!" Mika disappeared and reappeared behind the second Blonde, eyes completely black, and Blue blood running cold along her flawless complexion. She began chuckling and then licked her lips and smirked showing off her bared fangs.

"And to think i was gonna let you live. You should pay respect to Your murderer." She said looking back with a crazed look. She held up the dagger in her hand, which was covered in dark blue blood. The black man and the blonde stared and then looked at their friend. They hadn't noticed that his body had slumped to the floor half of his head gone. Then their attention turned to the sound of a scream. They looked and with their sharpened sight, could see Jon standing over the girl he had been after, blood dripping from his mouth and all over his clothes. he also had another girl by the throat, his eyes bleeding dark blue as well though they did not turn black. he had a crazed look in his eye too. Mika sheathed the dagger in her belt and then looked to her original victim and smirked. She, Louis, and Jon each got guns out and loaded them.

"FEEDING TIME!" They cried. at that moment, people all over stopped and smirked. they would look to their neighbor and smirk chuckling and their eyes would begin to bleed the same blue blood. Some would look to their dance partner and sweetly apologize for something and then begin biting them on the neck. The Blonde and the Black man cussed in several languages as the chaos began. The Blonde was looking for Mika who had carried her prey off some where. Jon was feeding and in a way keeping security guards off him by shooting at their heads. Louis was just shooting guard after guard after guard from above, taking a drink every now and then. The Blonde yelled out in anger.

"HALFLING CHAOS!!!!!!!!" He screamed. his eyes began bleeding as well as the Black man's. None of the vampires heard him though they had an acute sense of hearing. They ignored him, enjoying the feed. Then a gun shot was heard that got everyone's attention. they looked up to where they heard the shot and saw Mika holding her victim's pale, trembling body. her whole right side was covered in crimson blood from her neck to her waist. The blood had gone everywhere. the Blonde looked up there, furious. he may not have been able to see, but his senses could tell him anything. none of the vampires could see, but they didn't need sight when feeding. It was actually better that way. "YOU! I WILL HAVE YOUR HEAD FOR THIS!!! AND YOUR BODY WON'T EVEN BE TRACEABLE! Disobeying the Law Of Peace And Secrecy in the Vampire Covenant!!"

"Don't you preach to me about death or the covenant! Now, Raoul isn't it? You, yourself, are breaking the coventant law of be as you are, not as your superior. Turning your hair Blonde as if it had really been silver like all FULL BLOODED vampires have. for one you have managed the impossible meaning you are still a bit HUMAN. You are nothing but a turned vampire that's lived for far too long in the wrong colors. posing as a Superior. Not to mention holding a place such as this without either Lady Kia's permission or your master's. You could very easily be executed should the Vampire Staff get word of this. So don't you DARE preach to me about the Covenant of the Damned." Mika preeched. the vampires all stared at Raoul who had a gun in his hand aimed at Mika. She smirked, licked her lips and motioned for him to shoot. Louis and Jon stared at her and then back at raoul. They turned their guns to him, smirking too. The black vampire growled and moved quickly over to Jon and took his gun. Louis hissed this time and then jumped on him. Mika pointed her gun up to the ceiling and fired. The other vampires all coveres their ears as a sharp ringing came to ear range. Jon and Louis were unaffected by this. They ahd headphones on, connected to CD players which were attached to their belts. The smirked as the black vampire struggled to stand up. Louis took his gun back and then used the handle of it to knock him in the head. Jon jumped off and smirked as the vampire fell to the ground. Mika jumped down and looked at her friends. They both smiled at her innocently and waved. It wasn't long before the sound of sirens reached everyone's ears. Mika scowled. She ran to teh back of the club with Louis and Jon following. When they had bailed, the sound was soon gone and the rest of the vampires seem to disappear once they heard the sound of footsteps at their doors.

~*~*~ scene change... ~*~*~

A young woman who appeared to be Twenty or so, walked into a quiet room, furnished in rich satins, leathers, and different, exotic rugs. Her Bright, Green-Blue eyes fixed on the window on her left. She narrowed her exoctic eyes and she moved towards the bed, which appeared to painted gold and blue, it looked so perfect and untouched. She pushed a few stray strands of silver hair behind her ear which was pierced with a blood red, cat's eye jewel. She had an identical piece on her other ear. She adjusted her shirt which was a turtleneck with long flowing sleeves. the sleeves appeared to be nothing more then thin pieces of red and black tissue paper and teh design on the front was what appeared to be half black flames, the other half, red flames. Her nails were painted a blood red color along with her toe nails which were clearly seen since she was barefoot. She sat on teh bed moving her black skirt to the knees so that she had more moving room. She appeared to not disturb the beautiful designs on the blankets though when she sat down. She continued to look at the window. She stood up quickly though and seemed to appear infront of teh window in one second. She opened it up and let the evening breeze blow against her skin that appeared to be white in the moonlight. she put her hands on the window sill and looked down.

Mika, Louis, and Jon were climbing up the wall to sneak inside since they weren't supposed to be out at all. Mika smiled as she watched her friends climbing and trying to be quiet while they fought amongst themselves. she looked up and saw the woman looking at her, cold and emotionless. "AHH!!!!" Mika lost her grip and fell causing the other two to stop arguing and grabbing her before she fell. they both looked up and saw her.

"AHH!!!!" all three of them fell to the ground one ontop of the other. "ow...." they said in unison. the woman narrowed her eyes again and jumped down, landing perfectly on her feet in the soft, green grass. she walked over to them and stopped next to their pile. Mika looked up and laughed nervously. "hiya Syame!" she said. Louis and Jon followed her lead.

"Hello, Syame." they said. Syame, glared at the two and nodded towards the house. they both nodded and ran off in a literal flash. Syame grabbed the younger one by the shirt collar and and kept her a few inches off the ground. Mika smiled innocently. Syame glared this time. She jumped up and Mika closed her eyes. when she opened them up again, they were in the bedroom. Syame tossed her on the bed, but Mika slid off and landed on the floor on the other side.

"owie...." she said. The halfling looked up. Syame was staring out at the moon her arms crossed. "So i guess Dad will hear about this first thing tomorrow night?"

"No, Little sister. Father will hear nothing of this. I promise you that. Not from me anyhow." Syame said. Mika blinked. "You do know that some of the offspring of the Superiors were there, Didn't you? There, watching you almost blowing one of the last few meeting places in London? Illegal or not, it still had uses for our kind." she said. Mika frowned.

"it's that baka, Raoul's, fault. I would have just been another vampire feeding had he not interfered." Mika said. Syame looked back at her sister. Mika noticed and then let out a sigh. "Okay, it was my fault too, going out against your will. Happy?"

"not in the least bit, Mika. If Father gets word of this, or the Elders, you're out of luck. I can't help you. I'm not part of the Council and must follow the rules just as you do. I would have no say. And Father may not be too willing to jump on your side considering your record." Syame scolded. Mika rolled her green-amber eyes.

"you talk as if i'm a Human delinquent. I'm not though, Syame. Records, Council, sounds like i'm going to court too."

"By our standards, you are! Mika, stay in your room for the rest of the night. no feeding. And i advise you keep a low profile in the morning. I'll have the servants tell me if you pull anything stupid off." Syame said. Mika let out a small "feh..." and Syame left after that. The halfling sat up and shivered as the cold wind blew on her. she got up and closed her window. The council doesn't scare me. Nor do the Elders or Superiors. It's Syame losing her temper.... that scares me. she thought. she narrowed her eyes and blood began flowing again. Louis and Jon opened her door and walked in.

"Mika?" Jon asked. Mika looked back at them, her eyes normal again. They sat on her bed, Louis grabbing another bottle put from under it. Jon took it though fom him. Mika smiled. "So, Brain, what are we going to do tomorrow night?" Jon asked smiling. Mika rolled her eyes.

"Don't start pulling off that Cartoon crap. i don't know what we'll do. I won't be able to do much. not even in the morning. It's alte and i'm tired. you two best go to your rooms and go to sleep early. I'll wake you as soon as i can." she said.

"You? tired? Okay, where are you going tomorrow?" Louis asked. Mika smirked and blew her black bangs out of her face and pushed some of her silver strands behind her ear.

"Going to play a little rough house with the Demons tomorrow." She said. My other kind.....


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