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Dragonworld: Master Journey

Episode 1

Turning the Tide

The Water Islands Ahead


Shenlong sat in her room alone, staring into the Dragon Jewel that sat in front of her.

"Wonder if there are other ancient spirits like you, Dragonflame." she asked, an apparition of a handsome young man appeared next to her. His dark violet hair hung past his shoulders, blue eyes gleamed with beauty and danger, and he had violet dragon wings sprouted from his back.

"There is Daligon, remember." he said in a rich velvety voice.

"I know Dragonflame, but what I mean is.... Beyond you and him." Dragonflame nodded and smiled.

"There are two others I can think of, aibou." Shenlong looked at him, a smile on her heart-shaped face, he nodded.

"Really?!?! Who are they?!?!" Dragonflame sweatdropped.

"One is named Zakanata, the sea serphant of the oceans. Then there is Haretasora, the eight winged bird of the skies. That is all I remember, my past is a blur." Shenlong frowned and hugged the apparition.

"You'll remember someday! I'll help all I can, okay?" Dragonflame nodded, and dissappeared when someone knocked on the door. "It's open!" Chara walked in and smiled.

"I have a question, Shenlong." she said, Shenlong smiled.

"C'mon and sit down, geez! I ain't gonna force ya ta stand there da whole time!" Chara rolled her eyes and sat down next to the violet eyed girl.

"I was wondering if you would like to go on another adventure. It's been a while, and I'm getting bored just sitting around the palace." she said, Shenlong grinned.

"Alrighty! Got an idea Cha?" she asked, Chara winced at the nickname.

"Iie...." she muttered, Shenlong rolled her eyes and layed back on the bed.

"Geez... That was brilliant Chara!" she yelled, Cirus poked his head in the open door and smiled.

"The Water Islands." he said, both the girls looked up at him.

"Huh?" they both asked in unison, Cirus walked in and sat down on the bed also.

"The Water Islands. It's an archipelago in the middle of the Zakanata Ocean, I hope you haven't forgotten your geography you two." he answered, Chara glared, and Shenlong smugly smirked.

"Of course not." Chara spat.

"No way!" Shenlong chirpped, making her twin and Chara sweatdrop, "I'm gonna go spread it to the others, it should be fun!" Chara sighed, Cirus smiled nervousely. Shenlong jumped up and ran off, leaving the two behind.

"She's full of it, as usual." Chara sighed, crossing her arms.

"That's my sister for you. Hyperactive, playful, and out of this world." Cirus commented, Chara laughed.

"More like out of this dimension and in the others she had to go to," Chara stood up, straightening her black skirt, "I'm going to go and see if the cleaning fluids I made for my ninja gear is ready. I shall see you later, Cirus." With that, the blue haired ninja walked off, Cirus layed back on his sister's bed and sighed.

"I wonder if that sugjestion was a mistake." he said to himself, staring at the symbols that Shenlong had painted on the ceiling, "And I wonder if she even knows what those markings mean.. I gotta ask Shenlong that sometime."


Shenlong ran through the palace hallways, trying to find her boyfriend.

'Where is that flirtaceous idiot when ya need him?!' she thought, finally stopping outside her mother's office. She peered inside and saw her mother at work on some documents.

"Typical of momma, usually at work on some document from somewhere." she muttered, Tameshia looked up.

"Shenlong, stop eavesdropping and come in." she said, Shenlong freaked out and finally crawled in on all fours.

"Heya momma!" she chirpped, peering around the desk and sitting on the floor.

"Let me guess, you are going on another adventure. Correct?" Shenlong nodded, knowing her mother had read her mind, litterally.

"Yep! We're goin' to da Water Islands!" she chirpped, Tameshia smiled and layed the papers down, turning to look her daughter in the eyes.

"Alright, and I know Cirus is dying to go also... You and your friends have fun..." she said, Shenlong jumpped up, throwing her arms into the air.

"Yeeehhhaaa!!!! Thank ya momma!" she hugged her mother and ran out of the room, Tameshia smiled kindly.

"That's Shenlong for you, just like her father." she said, before going back to her work.


Marle and Alexander sat in the garden, both enjoying the beautiful and peaceful day. Shenlong came bouncing out, and rolled her eyes at the sight of Alexander and Marle.

"You two are inseperable!" she exclaimed, both looked at her.

"Hey Shenlong." Alexander said, fingering through Marle's ponytail.

"Hello Shenlong-sama!" Marle chirpped, laying in Alexander's lap.

"We're goin' on an adventure, Water Islands to be correct! Dun you two get too settled down out here, we're leaving early tomorrow morning, so we can make it to the closest island around 10 AM... Okay with you two lovebirds?" Shenlong asked, making both Marle and Alexander blush. They noded, and Shenlong smiled and ran off to hunt down her own boyfriend.


Nathan was laying on his bed, the pillow on his head, dead asleep and snoring. Shenlong peered in and smiled evily, readied for an attack, ran into the room, and jumped onto the bed.

"WAKIE WAKIE NATHAN!!!!!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs, Nathan was still asleep. Shenlong pouted cutely and picked up the pillow on his face, and the other one. She stood up, her bare feet on either side of him, and brought the pillows down on his face, fulll force. Nathan screamed and nearly jumped out of his skin.

"SHENLONG!!!!! WHAT WAS THAT FER?!?!" he yelled, Shenlong cackled as evily as she could.

"You were snoring, I could hear you in the garden..." she joked, Nathan smirked and knocked her feet out from under her, making the dragon tamer fall on him.

"I'll show you!" he yelled, tossing her off the bed, him right after her. He sat on her hips and smirked evily.

"Do it and die..." Shenlong spat, Nathan's smirk grew.

"Suuuurrre." he mocked, then started tickling her. Shenlong burst out in laugher, Nathan laughed also. Chara passed by and sighed.

"Do you two ever stop? Nathan. Adventure. Water Islands. Tomorrow morning." she said, Nathan stopped and nodded.

"Whateva ya say Char." he said, Shenlong kicked him off and got up.

"Dun do that...." Shenlong said, then walked out of the room, leaving Nathan in the floor.

"Boy, I feel loved..." he muttered, then got hit in the head by a blur.

"SHUT UP!" Shenlong's voice was heard yelling, Nathan was knocked out on the ground.

***next day***

Shenlong, Nathan, Marle, Alexander, Chara, and Cirus were flying through the skies, heading east to the Water Islands.

"So, when do you think we'll get there?" Marle asked Shenlong, hugging Alexander from behind.

"In a while, Mar. Just hold ya horses!" she answered, Chara smirked.

"You really wish to see them, don't you Marle?" Chara asked, Marle turned around and nodded.

"Yeah! I've heard they're beautiful!" she chirpped, Chara smiled faintly and looked over the side of the black dragon and smiled as the dry, sandy terrain of the continent Draijon became the crystal blue and shimering waters of the Zakanata Ocean.

"Land ahoy!" Nathan yelled, pointing ahead at a medium sized island ahead.

"Which island is it?" Alexander asked, Cirus closed his eyes, then opened them back up a few seconds later.

"If I remember correctly, it's Cinni Island, home of the infamous gunslinger Kikitako the Stampede...." he answered, Shenlong raised an eyebrow.

"Reeaaalllyyy now... This should prove more exciting then I thought! Next stop, Cinni Island!" she yelled, pointing towards the island.


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