kissing you awake

a man whose beauty exceeds the seven wonders
meets me unexpected, left the barren wilderness of the north
sitting under a tree I am never thinking of him
except for every passing moment, daring to emerge
from the starless void since he said goodbye.

yet now he is returning to me
ever so gently, as if not to tread upon my still-fragile dreams
softly approaching, footsteps of streaming music
tinkling water, canopies of trees,
all the places he has been arrive to my senses
my heart leaps with an impossible hope
he is that first love for whom we all long,
a love never forgotten, always the comparison for all that follows

joy expresses itself through my voice, while
a passing thought floats through my head
is it a dream? are you really here?
no, he reassures and kisses each eyelid slowly
I'm kissing you awake, he says,
so that we will never have another day apart.

I arise and let myself melt into his arms.
why? why did you come back?
He smiles, his eyes shining with the dreams that are to come,
because I missed the bright sun and I missed you.
the wilderness is no place for a man so haunted by a woman
as I am haunted by my destiny with you.

he is my first love, he is my only love
the clouds drift by and there is tenderness in every blade of grass.


something outside echoes

tumbled out of a double-edged dream,
I awake alone.