careening through an underground waterfall
pushed from an invisible moss-stained rock
thought I was floating down a gentle river
instead the bottom's dropped off
while pictures of that which I want so desparately
appear in the water that surrounds me
breaking into pieces once my longing hand reaches
piercing them in to disappearance

I close my eyes and lose myself in the dark void
the spiralling water must be eternal
nothing below me but dim air
contained in no shape but fear

the longing hands slow their grasping
eventually ceasing, dream bubbles swirling in torrents
every color fades beyond the reach of light

all at once there is a bottom, but I am
struck that finding it did not jar my bones
it did not provoke more tears from these eyes
it did not crush the remnant of hope from my spirit

it was your hand

large enough to carry me
and everything I felt I had lost