This story is something my friend made me write, I don't think it's exactly what she wanted but I had to improvise so if the guy sounds sort of feminine in any way, SORRY! My 'friend' is a pain and has to have things her way so this just HAD to come before Inside, hope it was worth it. (I don't really think it is.) Please Review though, I want to know EXACTLY how horrible it was and what I need to fix!

My Fall

Right then all I could think of was that I was an angel descending into the full ballroom of a gorgeous palace. Though the royals were glittering in their array of beauty I, a glorious angel of the Lord, stood there glimmering with a radiance that came not just from my appearance but also from myself. It came from the joyful pounding of my heart and the lightness of my soul. It was expressed by the softness of my step, the gentleness of my touch, and the sweetness of my own voice as I greeted those who gathered around my prince and me.

Unlike them, I could feel the glory of myself radiating from the toes of my elegant white heels to the ends of my golden tipped wings of snow. I could feel every eyes in the place turn to view the radiance of the two newest arrivals, I could hear the envious whispers and for a second regretted making such a fuss. That couldn't stay long though as I stood there, them evaluating my pure soul. Picking me apart just to find me flawless.

. Then the next moment I remembered why I was there. There was only one reason why I would be there. Why I walked among the mortals now.

I had fallen, though an angel safely tucked behind the gates of heaven I had been, my purity had had one flaw. I had fallen, not just from heaven, but also in love with prince who'd breeched the gates of heaven to steal my heart and, oh, how it had worked. I still found it all worth it as I stood there beside him, his hands clasping mine as we danced our first dance.

Neither of our steps wavered, our eyes caught in each other's. I caught myself searching the nearly ebon pools to test their depths but found them to have no end. They were so magnificent, so dark and mysterious; I could stare forever at just them and never move on to the sleek body encompassing them. They were but black oceans in which were stored the truths and secrets of what I knew had to be the most glorious being on Earth, even leaving me to seem as just a speck of dust. I felt splendid for having him, he made it all seem so perfect, so right, so much more wonderful.

Now, though I still love him, as I reflect on the last astonishing night in my eternity I still wonder.

.Could God ever forgive me for falling in love with Lucifer himself?