Come Away With Me

Come away with me

and bury you're old unforgiving ways

underneath the shells that people use to hide themselves.

I promise

in my simple girlish voice

that I will not hide from you

or lie to you.

I'll set the world aside

and trace my fingers along the deep curves of you're body

and with my fingers I'll paint your portrait

stealing, and taking away the color from your skin

and place it onto the white walls of this palace.

Come away with me

and stand close again,

breath you're silver whispers into my skin.

We could become a liquid

and drown within the other

our very fortress would be ourselves

and the world

with its wars

and running soldiers

could be the back drop,

a movie

or boring TV show

that doesn't need to be real.

Come away with me

so you can curl my hair again with your hands,

tuff, firm hours of love and loneliness

will keep you safe

from the

blood thirsty


of this land.

We'll reshape it

renew it

relax it

until its face softens again,

and we

like all people

can sleep in its curves safely once more.