Dedicated to anarchistgirl203, who has a masterpiece of her own.

I dream of creating a masterpiece. A work of literature which would be looked up upon by all. Something everyone around the world would read and gush endlessly on about how good it was. Something which would be known for generations and generations. Something famous. A classic.

It takes something great to create a masterpiece. Something exciting, and new. Originality. A one of a kind power to make the reader want more. There are few classics in the world. I want to be part of that.

They say the best ideas come in sleep. So every night, I lie there, waiting for a lightning bolt to hit my head. To hit my head with an unique idea. My pen and paper are ready by my bedside table, just eagerly waiting to be written on.

But the paper's still blank.

But I know it will come someday. A brilliant, fascinating idea which would launch itself into a story, a story no one had ever heard before. A phenomenon. A gem.

Then I will have my masterpiece.

And everyone will love it.

Won't they?