Every day,
The torment,
and the sorrow.
Saying "Good things will come tomorrow."

Thoughts go in my head,
Things I thought were long gone,
Bickering, arguing,
Sickening, sorrowing.
All the fright
Wont bring the right.
Something here is wrong,
Gloom bells clang in throng.

The feelings always sway
With the passing of each day
Wishing for another,
List'ning for some other
Than the angry tones that fill my ears
The very noise that brings the tears.
Hopeful thoughts will soon appear
But the outcome is not clear.

Each time I cry,
A part of me will die.
It can't be heard
But are found within the word.
All the time I try to let go,
Something inside me says "No."
I laugh and say that all is good,
All the truth beneath a hood
Of darkness and deceit,
Where nothing else can meet.

Perhaps another day shall come,
A glorious day beneath the sun.
Request have all begun
Each time I kneel to pray,
Asking to live throughout the day.
For every tear I drop,
A bubble of hope will pop.
Slamming doors,
and smashing drawers
Never help to ease the pain
That every day I gain.
Forever is a binding word,
How can it go unheard?