In later years, historians came across Drake's journals, and pieced together what happened in the beginning.

The journals told of how Drake had been struck by lightning and was somehow chosen to become the Swordsman, one of the four Warriors. It tells about the Dark Knights, evil Titans who had been locked inside a prison called the Wall. It tells of how Drake gathered the Warriors and killed three of the Dark Knights that had escaped. Since only four Dark Knights actually escaped their prison, the last one should have been no problem at all. But it was.

Having talked to a dragon and an organisation called the Reaper Men, who made cold fish seem full of life, the Warriors found the last Dark Knight, called the Assassin. The Assassin had summoned something horrible that the historians only called The Thing (Not very original but no one wants historians to become creative).

The Warriors managed to fight the Thing by saying a name of power, Ralock.

However, instead of dying quietly as he was supposed to, the Thing managed to release all the Dark Knights. The good part was that they came out on the other side of the Wall. The bad part was that they had the power to break down the Wall.

This story is about what happened when they did (no surprise there).

But there are many other things that have to be explained. Who are the Reaper Men? Why did they appear to want the Dark Knights out? Why does everything, from Warriors to Dark Knights, begin with a capital letter? Is it merely because the author isn't very creative or is there some deep explanation behind it all?

Personally I'm going for the first option, but we shall have to see.

Now, let us begin....