meeting heaven

the lake glistens by noonday sun
water faintly rippling in tranquility
set in motion by a satisfaction-sighing wind
as close as it gets to heaven on earth,
it is a day for feeling perfection
slow motion underwater stepping
past the point my friends refuse to cross,
deep water with algae between my toes
the cold undercurrent lies ignored
head back upon the surface, enchanted by
rings of trees around the borders
rooted in the mirrored skies stacked twofold
the boundary lines are blurred:
where water ends, sky begins
I am alone, swimming in the deeper blue
earth is meeting heaven

the day might have been forever
or perhaps only a frozen moment of eternity
lines of Spanish poems float through my mind
it is Becquer's connection of mundane and celestial

places I only dreamed of in the past do exist:
a lake that causes meditation
of earth-forming Hands
an aurora borealis reflecting on the ice
the smallest bloom on a morning glory vine
so evident: it is
earth meeting heaven,

heaven meeting earth

reminds me




now everywhere is
meeting heaven