An Accepting Society

A/N: A poem about how people claim

to be open-minded, but it ends with

people like them. 

Conform and you'll be dear

You must live here

It's an accepting society

People fear other races

Other groups, and ethnic traces

In our accepting society

Wear only colored clothes

Always put on these, not those

Dress fit for an accepting society

Be blonde and petite

To be in the elite

Of this accepting society

Don't speak your mind

Just thoughts of our kind

Speak for your accepting society

Some can't walk down the street

Without getting beat

By members of an accepting society

Gays can marry in two states

Guess the law decides their fates

Through this accepting society

All faiths religion is true

Why would they lie to you?

We should all be the same, then we'll be an accepting society

We heed the First Amendment

But respond to difference with resentment

Don't terrorize our accepting society

Muslim, Pagan, Christian or Jew

So on, and so forth, someone dislikes you

In this accepting society

Ask a friend what political party they pick

So you won't have the short end of the stick

All part of an accepting society

Don't be original, someone will fear

Whenever they find you near

Just conform, and it's an accepting society

If everyone wants one

The job will get done

We'll reside in an accepting society

Our founding fathers wanting this to be

A place where all would be free

An accepting society

Some of us try

Even sometimes cry

And fight for an accepting society

Note: I wasn't trying to point fingers that

Any group is not accepting, I was just

Saying that people who are different

Rarely get along.