An Accepting Society
Your family arrived here
To be free from doubt or fear
To live in an accepting society

Where people scoff at other races
Different groups, and ethnic traces
To "purify" our accepting society

You have to wear the right clothes
The "wrong" labels become your foes
So you dress to be accepted

You have to be blonde and petite
To be in the social elite
Of this accepting society

You should never speak your mind
And keep your views refined
Speak for your accepting society

Some people live in dread
Of what could lie ahead
For this accepting society
Where gays can marry in two states
When majority decides their fates
And "acceptance" draws a line

Where only one religion is true
Why would they lie to you?
If we're all alike, we'll be accepting

We heed the First Amendment
But respond to difference with resentment
To protect our accepting society

Muslim, Pagan, Christian or Jew
It'll never be easy for you
In this accepting society

Vote for whomever your friends do
So "nice" people can help you
Support an accepting society

If everyone wants one
The job will get done
We'll finally be an accepting society