Chapter 1

Alex shifted uncomfortably in one of the many hard white plastic chairs adorning their rather large front porch. She wouldn't even be out here in this hot, humid weather, in this damn rock hard chair, if it wasn't for him.

She scoffed at the thought of him and turned her gaze up to the night sky. She figured it must've been about 1am, it was pitch black, and the stars were just beginning to be at their brightest. Each one sent off an amazing icy blue mist that seemed to calm her every time she looked at them.

But her calm feeling quickly faded as two shadowy figures proceeded up the drive.

One was thin, curvy and rather short, well, short compared to the one next to it, which was tall and looked slightly built.

As they walked closer, Alex could hear their voices, chattering away. They got louder and louder until She couldn't stand it anymore.

"Brandon…" She stated with a rather blunt and annoyed tone.

The girl screamed and jumped, obviously startled by the sudden break in the silence around them.

Alex rolled her eyes and snorted. She, without a doubt, hated all of his girlfriends, they all dressed like floozies and acted dramatically whenever they were around him.

"Alex, what the hell are you doing out here this time in the morning?!" Brandon demanded, sort of startled himself.

"I'm covering your butt, that's what I'm doing. You're late for curfew… again! And who's this? Another one of your many floozies?" Alex motioned towards the girlish figure next to him.

Although Alex couldn't see him, she knew the look he had on his face, and she knew very well he was annoyed. But it wasn't her fault, if she hadn't waited up for him, their parents would've locked the door thinking he was in his room. And where would he have gone? She was tired of him taking her acts of kindness for granted. Sure, all the nights she had to loose sleep over his childish acts she was upset, but tonight she was unusually aggravated.

The girlish figure cleared her throat and stepped further into the moonlight, just so it was hitting her facial features perfectly. Alex gasped as she realized who it was.

Leslie Anderson. Her 'ex-best friend', she couldn't believe her eyes. She never thought Leslie would EVER step foot in her yard again. Unless… unless she was having a fling with her brother. 'Uggh, that's sick,' Alex thought, disgusted at the thought of them two actually kissing.

Brandon cringed when he imagined the look on Alex's face. He had hoped to sneak Leslie inside for a while without her noticing. How could he be so stupid? He should've known that Alex would be waiting up for him. He loved his sister, and really appreciated her covering up for him all this time, but this was one night he wished his sister just would've fallen asleep instead.

"What the hell is she doing here?" Alex asked, her voice startled her as it left her mouth, it seemed shaky and scared, but she was far from scared, on the inside she was fuming! This was it, its bad enough she has to watch his every move to keep him out of trouble, but here he is bringing her worse enemy into their house. She felt like leaping out of the chair and running away. Far away.

"I was just bringing her in to get a drink and let her stretch for a while before I took her home. Okay Alex?" Brandon stated calmly as he grabbed Leslie's hand and headed for the door, not waiting for a response from her.

Alex leapt out of the chair and raced towards the door, she spread her arms across the doorway and blocked them from entering.

"You know you're not supposed to bring your girlfriends into the house while everyone's asleep. If you do and you get caught, its my fault because I didn't lock the door!" Alex all but shouted. She was face to face with Brandon now, and the look on his face was terrifying. Alex swore he looked as if he was about to hit her.

He let go of Leslie's hand and sighed angrily, "Alex, MOVE!! You'd let me bring anyone else in, and you know it!" He shouted furiously, the only reason she wasn't letting him in was because of Leslie. They had it out for each other since the 8th grade, and he was sick of it, she was his friend too.

Alex didn't know what to do. She had never seen her brother so angry with her. So she stood her ground, staring him in the eye. Her expression softened and so did her tone.

"Please, Brandon, Not her… not her." She felt tears welling up in her eyes, and her humiliation started to show as her cheeks grew red, though no one could tell because of the darkness. She thanked God for this.

Brandon let out a growl. He just couldn't stand it anymore, what business was it of hers who he brought into the house?! He clutched her shoulders and shoved her roughly to the side.

Alex let out a gasp and stumbled backwards. Brandon opened the door but before he could step in Alex lunged forward and slapped him across the face.

"How could you treat me this way?! I am your SISTER not some random object you can shove around and use to your likings!" She shouted angrily. Never in her life has her brother been so rude to her. He was always so kind and gentle with her. Not like these other brothers who used their sisters for wrestling toys or punching bags.

Brandon brought his hand to his face and rubbed it. He probably deserved that… Alex was probably really upset right now and he treated her as if she was nothing. But he couldn't apologize, that was how he felt, and he was going to stand by it.

When Alex realized he wasn't going to respond she felt hurt. Angry tears welled up in her eyes and streamed down her face, as she shoved past him and grabbed her car keys off the key rack inside the door. She ran back out the door and flicked him and Leslie off on the way to her car.

Brandon immediately regretted his cruelty towards her and dropped his head, motioning for Leslie to follow him inside.

Once the door shut, Alex started her car and peeled out of the drive. She didn't know where she was going, or when she'd be home, the only thing she knew was that she had to get away from him… and her.

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