Alex reached down and switched her radio on. She began to turn the volume knob, higher and higher until she couldn't even hear herself think. And that's what she had in mind. She figured if the music was loud enough, she wouldn't be able to think about it, and then… well, she wouldn't have a reason to break down and cry.

But it wasn't working. The pounding of the music in her ears didn't seem to make a difference, her mind wouldn't stray from the things that had just occurred.

And how could it? Her brother had violated her trust, her kindness, AND her space. She still couldn't believe he had treated her the way he had. But above all, she couldn't understand why he had acted the way he did.

Images of the event flashed through her mind. The anger in her brother's eyes, his fists balled at his side. But… why? Why was he so mad? She was only protecting him, people like Leslie are only detrimental to one's health. Couldn't he see that?

Maybe he couldn't see it. Maybe he truly felt something for Leslie, and if he did, it wasn't her place to come between them.

Before Alex had the chance to contradict this thought, it hit her… Literally.

She felt a harsh jerk before her airbag suddenly inflated. Alex growled in frustration and pushed it down, away from her face.

She gazed around, confused, as it took her a minute to finally realize what had happened. She had become so lost in her thoughts that she'd rear-ended a car that had been stopped for a stop sign.

She rolled her eyes and buried her face in the airbag. This was the very last thing she'd needed. Now, not only would she have to explain being out so late, but she'd have to explain how she rear ended a vehicle because she wasn't paying attention. Great.

She wanted nothing more than to die right now, her head was already packed full of endless questions that couldn't be answered, how was she supposed to deal with this?

Just as she felt as if she was going to break down in tears, there was a loud knock at her window. Quickly, she jerked her head up to see a guy standing at her door, bent over and peering in. Obviously it was the owner of the other car… hmm, and he wasn't bad looking either. 'And here I am in my night clothes… You're such an idiot!' she thought to herself, as she banged her head on the steering wheel.

A grin made its way across the young man's face as he knocked on the window again.

"Excuse me." He stated, amusement visible in his voice.

Well, of course he was happy! It was her fault for the accident, He could probably get a couple of hundred dollars out of this whole ordeal, thought a bewildered Alex.

Hesitantly, she rolled her window down, putting on her best 'I'm sorry' Smile.

"Yes?" She asked weakly.

Her act of innocence only made his grin grow wider. "Incase you haven't noticed, You sort of hit me."

Alex felt offended and growled under her breath. The nerve of him, he's treating her as if she's some sort of lost child!

"Of course I've noticed! I'd have to be some sort of an idiot if I hadn't!!" She said harshly as she struggled to find the handle for the car door.

Eventually she found the handle and slung the door open, lazily stumbling onto the moonlit street.

It wasn't until she was standing up that she realized how tall this man actually was. He stood about six feet tall, possibly taller, if she wasn't mistaken. It was really dark, with the exception of street lights here and there, so she couldn't exactly make out his features. However, his hair was Dark, most likely black. Although it seemed as though it was a deep blue color because of the moonlight shining on it.

His voice broke through her thoughts as he spoke, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you."

It wasn't until now that she realized she had been staring at him, she ducked her head in embarrassment, her cheeks turning a crimson red. Maybe she was a little too harsh on him.

"Oh…no, I'm sorry! I shouldn't of snapped, I know you didn't mean anything by it… It's just that… I was out, driving around to let off some steam…. And."

Before she had the chance to finish her sentence he interrupted her, "Whoa, It's fine, miss. Its just a little dent…eh, Did you want to settle this without the police?"

Alex's eyes grew wide in pure shock, as a matter in fact, that was what she was going to ask him before he cut her off, and she felt guilty about it too.

"Uh, uhm… Yeah. To tell you the truth, That was what I planned on asking you… Because I'm just going through a lot right now. So…" She managed to mutter, before she looked away from his gaze.

"My name's Conner." He stated as he held out his hand.

Alex smiled and cupped her hand in his, "Alexis… but everyone calls me Alex." She couldn't help the feeling that overcame her when they shook hands, the feeling that she wanted to get to know this guy, even though it was just some random person she'd hit.

Conner sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, glancing around "Say… do you want to go to a diner or something and work this out?" He knew this wasn't the way to go about an exchange of information for an accident… but what the hell, it was the middle of the night, nobody around… and they couldn't very well sit in the middle of the street all night.

She blinked, "Uhm… Sure, I guess!" She was confused at first… but decided to go along with it. Afterall, it was nearly 2am, what was another hour or two away from home? Besides, it would give her more time to think about her problems…and by the way she felt, she figured she'd have a lot of thinking to do!