It was years since I had left my hometown, and I thought it would be wonderful to return to the place that held so many fond memories. I contacted my childhood friends and planned my visit carefully, but as the time for me to start my trip approached, I couldn't help but wonder if things would be the same as I remembered them.

I drove to the airport with my mother, so she could take the car back, and after getting everything checked I waited in anticipation to board the plane.

After the short trip which I spent reading an outdated magazine I finally arrived in Adelaide airport. I never thought I'd be so happy to see the place. I hadn't realised how beautiful it was until I left, which I still think is strange.

"Hey Jenny!" I heard a familiar voice call.

"Hayley, great to see you," I greeted her, "where are the others?"

"Oh, they're all at Mel's place but they're pretty excited to see you."

The two of us chatted non-stop about what's been happening these past few years since we graduated from University. I couldn't help noticing her new look. Hayley had always been the most stylish of our circle of friends but I never thought I'd see her wearing an outfit so professional. It consisted of a grey coat with a matching skirt and a clean white shirt. Her hair was also neatly tied up.

Despite this and the fancy Mercedes she drove I didn't ask too much of her life but instead talked about the things we got up to as teenagers.

"Remember the time we went to Glenelg and got so hot on the tram back to Vic Square that we shoved past the other passengers just to get out?" she recalled as we drove through the city.

I laughed at the thought, "I remember it like it was yesterday!" I exclaimed. It brought a smile to my face, remembering how ruse I was as a 14 year old. I wouldn't be caught dead acting as rebellious as that nowadays.

We drove past a small park, I couldn't remember the name of the reserve but that place also brought back memories of my childhood.

As a young girl, of about Eight years of age I would often go there with the other girls, Hayley, Mel, Jane and Fran to have picnics and play chasey. Sometimes the naughty boys would try to play kiss chasey with us but we ran faster than those imbeciles. I mentioned this thought of mine to Hayley who seemed in perfect control of the car despite all our conversing and she laughed out loud.

"The good old days, ey?" she commented with another laugh, "If only I was still that active in High Sschool I'd probably be the next Cathy Freeman by now."

I chuckled. "And the winner is Hayley Moylan!"

"However, even if I wasn't a professional runner could still be more fit than I am now," she said on a more serious note.

I didn't know what to say in response to that. Hayley was always stylish but for a period she became so obsessed with her looks that she became anorexic. It wasn't too extreme but I still worry abut her sometimes, despite having not seen her in so long. I changed the topic quickly as soon as I noticed our old kindergarten.

"Wow, what have they done to the kindy?" I asked, noticing the refurnished building.

"Oh that, they've also expanded to be some sort of community place. I'm not the type to get involved in these things. Ah, here we are!" she announced as we drove up Mel's driveway.

I noticed the motion activated porch light turn on and watched as my childhood friends rushed out of Mel's place.

"Jenny!" They all greeted, each other them looked so much more mature than last time I saw them. We had a lot of catching up to do.