To Leyanne


Always changing lanes we chose our own destinies.

Blind, vulnerable, scared, the right way we can never see.

Luck turns into guesses as we try to find the way -

Where we'll end up, we can never say.

These lines are dedicated to the friend whom I love dear,

Our paths to us are empty, and never free or clear.

Whilst you may move one way, I may move another

But the love for you I hold in my heart will always last forever.

Our Parallel Selves wander into lives we will never see,

Maybe we are together in those lanes, in intertwining destinies;

But I feel that everything happens for a reason to us unknown,

So as we move apart I hope that to you I have shown,

That whilst you may move one way, I will move the other,

But the love in my heart, for you, will always last forever.

Love, Heather