I cannot see

What is not there

This tortured life

I will not bare

Far from home

I wont return

Sent to hell

I'll forever burn

For deeds I've done

Considered sins

A false story

Slowly begins

Dancing through

The sand filled jar

My time will come

I wont get far

Dreams of life

That holy kiss

I've been false

Something's amiss

Charade that shares

No real emotion

For all its worth

It's my commotion

Fight with me

And beat me down

Lock me up

To watch me frown

When I break free

I hope you cry

Because, my friend

You'll likely die

A consequence

For leashing me

You've set me on

A killing spree

Unless by chance

I choose to wait

Contain my will

Contain my hate

This is the life

Of so called odium

Attend this assembly

Stand at the podium

Deliver your speech

For all mankind

When you are done

Hope will unwind

A riot starts

A midnight ends

You are captured

And your will bends

An offering

Of lasting life

Immortal dreams

Free of strife

But you stay strong

And perish soon

Under the light

Of a blood red moon