While on the flight home, I was listening to my XM radio. I figured nothing was gonna be happening but wouldn't you know, "Ray, something is coming up on the radar, and it's moving fast."

I checked the speed; 2500 mph, I was going fast enough that no aircraft should be able to gain distance. So what is it? "Can you get a visual, patch it into the targeting screen?"

"I'll try…" Torry replied, "Got it, patching it through now…"

I streaming image appeared and covered about half of my field of view, it was another aircraft, and it looked like it was an Echo-Torment, but different.

"Hey there," a female voice bursted over the radio, "The Skybax sent me to take care of you, I'd tell you my name but that'd only waste my time."

"She's targeting us Ray!" Torry practically yelled. I preformed dome evasive maneuvers and speed up; there was no match for my speed.

"Torry tell me what's left of the munitions?"

"We have 4 regular missiles, 1 splinter, and 2 wave missiles. Plus we still have our OLC's"

I can use that, The lady was once again right behind me, trying to get a lock, a slowed down as quickly as I could, thankfully it was fast enough because she quickly overshot me, and I sped up to catch her.

I fired a few warning shots, "You may wanna give up before I have to take you down."

"Nice try, you couldn't take me down if your life depended on it, and in fact it does." Several slots opened up in the back of the female pilots aircraft, and the opened slots revealed rear guns.

"You gotta be f—" I was cut off by the open fire of the guns, I maneuvered out of the gun spread, which unfortunately also put me out of the effective firing position for the OLC's

"Now you're just pissing me off, lady"

"Lady?! LADY?! I can't be much older then you—" While she was distracted by yelling at me, I once again sidled myself into a position where my laser fire would be effective and was still outta they way of her rear guns.

I fired, not a shot that would cause and instant explosion, but one that she wouldn't be able to recover from.

"You little—" She ejected from her craft, once she wasn't close I shot up her craft so that it couldn't be repaired.

"And that's what you get for messing with the best."