Mournful carols echo round
Deepest silence the only sound
Shadows bear the biting dark
Singing songs to those who hark
The music lures in him that hears
Forget the days, forget the years
Join hands with endless time
A specter lost in verse and rhyme
Wraiths dance the haunted air
Watch the world with little care
Time matters not to them
Possessed by greed of gold and gem
And if stars could touch the enchanted glade
It could not bring back what was paid
For he that sees the phantoms rise
Will not see with open eyes
Tempus fugit tempus fugit
He that lives can never lose it
For try as you might, try to pretend,
Time will neither break nor bend
So stay away from the edge of the trees
As they are deaf to cries and pleas
Do not lose the gifts you keep
And loss will never make you weep.