Psychics 101

Psychics are not necessarily smarter then the average person, but they can focus better, thus allowing for the use of the ingrained abilities. Psychics use their minds to achieve tasks that normally involve the need for a body or other physical objects; or tasks that can only be done using the increased mental faculties.

There are two main types of psychics, Physical and Phantasmal. Physical psychics, also known as 'Brutes,'can use their minds to affect the physical world, such as moving objects, starting fires, making lightning, healing people, and some can even make inanimate objects or living beings. Phantasmal, also known as 'Ghosts' can use their minds in other ways: reading minds, emotions, memories; controlling minds; becoming invisible; walking through walls and other solid matter; seeing into the future; and Æ-locating/sight.

Finally, psychics produce an energy called Æ, some psychics, whether they are 'Ghost' or physical, can use this energy as a weapon or shield. Physical psychics use Æ to make the inanimate objects and helpers, but only 'Ghosts' can see Æ, although all psychics can somewhat sense it.

Physical and Phantasmal psychics are splintered into even more groups.


Telekinetics: In this group, the psychics are able to move objects and themselves using just their minds. Often thought of as basic, but is incredibly powerful.

Elementals: The psychics of this group have the ability to create, control, and remove "elements." A psychic of the elemental group can easily manipulate fire, lightning, water, air/wind, and earth. Note that usually an elemental can only manipulate one such "element."

Summoners: Summoners are psychics who can either create objects from nothing, or can bring forth a living entity into this plane of existence (this does not mean giving birth). Most often these psychics tend to run stores or other facilities where their ability to produce limitless amounts of resources can be monetarily beneficial.

Enhancers: These psychics Æ cannot be used even a short distance away from a psychic; instead it is used to increase strength, speed, and other such attributes.


Telepaths: Able to read, and sometimes rewrite, the minds and memories of others, even the dead. Thought of as the most basic of phantasmal abilities but is quite useful.

Seers: This group contains not only those who can peer into the future, but also those who can see the Æ-forces that emanate from everything. Much sought after by government and military officials.

Puppeteers: Although not able to read minds, these psychics can forcibly control other people by taking their minds and manipulating their bodies against the will of the owners.

Ghosts: Being able to walk through walls and become transparent, these psychics are the reason that all phantasmal psychics have become known as ghosts.