Contrary to popular belief, psychics are not born able to use their innate abilities. When born all humans are the same, with a Chaotic Output Energy level of 0-1. While normal humans do not gain much more beyond this, psychics begin to accumulate copious amounts of Æ, sky-rocketing their COE-level. Æ will continue to build-up over a time until the person's body can no longer stand the amount of energy pouring into the body and the Æ must be vented. This is the time of emergence for a new psychic; this is also the most dangerous time in a psychic's life.

At this point in time, the Æ is being released in copious amounts, depending on whether the psychic is a 'Brute' or a 'Ghost'; the resultant effects are often different, but still highly dangerous, and if continued unaided, the psychic my kill him/herself or be driven to madness and/or catatonia. If psychic ability is predominant in the family the newly emerged psychic a family member may help the new psychic during this period, and the chance of survival drastically improves. Should the psychic emerge from a family with no recorded history of psychic ability, a teacher of New Sanctuary often shadows then the psychic, so that when emergence begins the chance of survival is very good.

After emergence, the psychic's COE-level evens out and slowly decreases during the life of the psychic, which is to say that a drop of 5-7 COES over the period of 15 to 20 years is quite common and even considered normal.