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Chapter 4

Ana relaxed as the warm water fell onto her body in the shower. That's when she heard a door open. "He must be back early." She thought to herself. She quickly got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her. As she walked through the hallway to Cayden's room she noticed she didn't hear anyone moving in the house anymore.
As she began to get dressed a voice came from behind her, "You sure do look hott tonight." And it wasn't Cayden's voice. She turned around and sure enough, as she had feared, David was standing in the doorway. He smiled an evil smile as he stood there starring at her in her bra and underwear only. As she reached for her shirt he stopped her and said, " No, don't put that on, you look too damn sexy like this."
"What do you want?" she asked as his grip tightened around her arm.
" You, my love" he answered
" So, where's your little boyfriend?" he asked while drawing himself closer to him, until her body was touching his. She just stared at him, refusing to answer.
" Get the hell away" was all she said to him.
He gave her a hard slap across the cheek and she tried to punch him but he was fast and grabbed her other arm.
" A feisty one now aren't we. That just turns me on. I guess I'm going to have some fun with you before I feed." He said to her.
Then he pushed her down onto the bed and got on top of her, straddling her between his legs. His tongue moved slowly down her neck to her cleavage, as his hands moved up and down the side of her body.
"Get off of me" she yelled as she tried to push him off. But he just laughed and kept going on. That's when she realized he was taking off his pants.
" Oh my gosh, I'm going to be raped" she thought to herself. She squirmed and struggled as much as he could. She then kicked him right in the balls hearing him sequel in pain. She pushed him off of her and ran out of the room. "Where did I put that knife" she thought as panic over took her.
She saw the blade glimmer on the kitchen table and picked it up.
" You little bitch!" he said while walking towards her noticing the knife in her hand. "Oh wow you have a knife. I'm so scared" he said sarcastically. She just stood there staring at him, ready to make a move. But before she could he grabbed the knife right out of her hand.
"You have to be quicker than that." he said with a smirk on his face.
He slashed the knife into her stomach causing her to fall to the ground clenching her stomach tightly in pain.
" Aww. what's the matter did I hurt you?" he said to her as he slashed the blade across her left shoulder.
" L..L..Leave me alone!" she stuttered, as a tear rolled down her cheek. He had no mercy for her. Then he put down the blade. She thought he was done with her, but she was wrong.
He punched Ana right across the mouth, and she could feel her lip split open slightly. " This is so much fun." David thought to himself looking down at the beaten, blood covered Ana. At that moment he sensed another vampire getting close, it was Cayden.
" When Cayden gets back tell him this was just a little present from me and that next time it will be more fatal" he said to her. Then he vanished into the air. Ana just lie there and let out a groan of pain.