Title: Walking on Broken Glass
Author: motivate me 0019
Summary: Lizi feels as though she's in love, the only problem? She doesn't even know him. She doesn't even know his name. Follow them through their ordeals of learning about each other, the good and the bad, and realizing their feelings.
Author's Note: Lizi represents me, and Seth represents a guy I met at the CD store.

Introduction: Just Another Day

There he was again, standing at the counter of Bull Moose Music CD store. Lizi couldn't help but smile, as he turned to put a CD into the CD player. And then, her smile grew as 'This Celluloid Dream' by AFI came through the speakers. He was so gorgeous, and so out of reach. She didn't even know his name, so how could he be within her reach? She sighed and glanced through the 'M' section of the CD rack. Mest, the Movielife, MxPx; although on a regular day, all of these names would have jumped out and held Lizi's attention, she couldn't pay them any mind that day. Not while he was there, anyway. Nothing was ever normal when he was there. She'd already told her friends, Christina, Daria and Oceana and her twin sister, Demetrea about him, and Daria and Demetrea thought she was insane for even thinking about a guy who's name she didn't even know. That just shows how much they know, doesn't it? Lizi thought to herself. If they'd seen him, they'd think I was so right. They'd more than likely try to steal him from me, or something. Not that he's even mine to begin with. She walked to the 'N' section, and still, although two of her favorite bands were there, New Found Glory and NOFX, her attention was still drawn in the other direction.

He was so gorgeous. He had dark brown hair, deep, chocolate brown eyes and a gorgeous smile. His lower lip housed a stud piercing. He was about three inches taller than Lizi, which put him at about five-feet-eight. She looked up from the CD rack and stared at him in complete awe. Never in her life had she felt this captivated by someone who she didn't know at all. What are you doing to yourself, Lizi? I mean, look at him. Him being so...him...he probably has a girlfriend. She sighed, walked back to the 'M' section and picked up MEST's 'Wasting Time' CD, then walked over to the 'S' section and grabbed the Smile Empty Soul CD, and on the New Releases rack, picked up the Die Trying CD. Feeling as though a million butterflies were flying around in her stomach, she advanced toward the counter forcing a smile onto her face. There he was, ringing up some girl who he didn't even look halfway impressed with.

He glanced over in her direction, and the apathetic look disappeared from his face. Their eyes met each other, and they traded smiles. Both smiles were a little shy, but they were still there. Every time he looked at her, she had a hard time not melting into a huge puddle-like mass on the floor. He tried to rush ringing up whoever this woman while looking at Lizi, whom he simply referred to as Miss Amazing, the whole time. He wanted to finally get the chance to ring her up, so he could find out her name from her frequent buyer card. Just when he was almost finished with whoever he was ringing up, his coworker and friend came up to the other register and looked at her. "May I help you?" he asked with a grin.

He rolled his eyes. It was a very well known fact that almost every guy that worked at Bull Moose Music, including himself, thought she was absolutely beautiful. She had long, sparkling, sandy-blonde hair with blue highlights, clear skin with a bronze tan, soft green eyes and a beautiful smile. He wanted to know so much more about her, but he was always too shy to ask. He saw his friend, Ben, talking to her, and sighed. Now, Ben was going to get her name and number off of her card and he was going to call her. There went his chance. As the other woman, who he'd just found to be named Chelsea Macintosh, walked away with all of her teeny-pop, girl-group CD's, he sighed and stared at Miss Amazing once again. If he was ever going to get a chance, he had to do something. He couldn't just expect to find out her name and number without giving her anything in return.

She flashed her million-dollar smile at Ben and turned to leave the store. The next time, he vowed to himself, he was going to talk to her. No matter what it took. He had to find out her name. Every time she left the store, for the next two or three days, he thought of her. He could see in here eyes that she was searching. He had no idea what for, though. He was searching for something, too. He watched her walk away and sighed. He stopped the AFI CD, and put the Movielife back in. The only reason he'd put AFI in was because he knew, from hearing her talk to a friend on a previous time in the store, that 'This Celluloid Dream' was her favorite song. Now, Ben had her name, her phone number and soon, knowing the way he was with women, he'd have her heart, too.

Lizi looked at her car and sighed. She didn't want to go. She didn't want to leave him behind again, not without him knowing what she thought of him, anyway. She bit her lower lip and debated turning back around and going to talk to him, but instead, seeing Daria and Christina coming out of Fashion Bug, she sighed and got into the car. What would they say to her if they knew that she was thinking of telling him? They already thought that she was insane enough for even liking him. She turned and glanced at Daria, who held up a shirt with the 'All-American Rejects' logo on it. Lizi hated the All-American Rejects with a passion, and Daria knew it, but still talked about them to annoy her. Lizi rolled her eyes and looked at Christina.

Christina was nearly the only person who understood her feelings for the mystery guy. The only other person who even somewhat understood was Oceana. Lizi tried to push out the thought that was going through her head as she waited for her friends to get to the car. She reminded herself that she didn't even know his name, but that simply brought her brain back to his wonderful brown eyes and how they always seemed to drill into her own. She smiled and started the car, hearing Daria and Christina ramble aimlessly as they sat down. She had to do it. She had to find out about him, no matter what it took. He was far too amazing to pass up, anyway.


Time goes by, I just try to hold my head up high.
People try to deny, classify or just hide
The feelings, what's inside. Broken hearts and hard times.
Don't let life break you down this time.
I'm sitting here crying here, you're alone and dying there waiting for bad news.
Like walking on broken glass, no answers for what was asked, you're all alone.
Don't give up, just hold on. Is the pain just too strong
To hold on? Sometimes we're wrong when we think we're right.
And tonight will be the night you'll break free from this fight.
Don't let life break you down this time.
I'm sitting here crying here, you're alone and dying there waiting for bad news.
Like walking on broken glass, no answers for what was asked, you're all alone.
Cause you know that I'd give my life for you. Time can be nothing but our enemy.
I'm dying inside from all I feel, does it have to be this way?
Memories of yesterday, and it all just slips away.
I'd give up everything I have to keep you warm all day.
I know that it's not right, why do we feel this way? Why do I feel this way?
I'm sitting here crying here, you're alone and dying there waiting for bad news.
Like walking on broken glass, no answers for what was asked, you're all alone.
Cause you know that I'd give my life for you. Time can be nothing but our enemy.

'Walking on Broken Glass' - Mest