Excerpt from Stranger In The Gate
-Kat Renee Kittel

"…the stranger that is within thy gates…will rest the same as you." Deut. 5:14

"n'Kira, I have news of your sister!"

m'Tal, my war-trainer rode her pure black beast hard on the path toward me as I reigned in my own horse. She slowed and sidled up next to my dimpled grey mare. "What news, Mistress?" I bowed my hands before my face in respect.

n'Sharita had been missing since the sun broke the sky and now its brightness reigned at half-journey. I had started the search near the berry bushes by our farm in the Borderlands where my little sister gathered food for breakfast. I was searching deep in the forest beyond when m'Tal caught up with me. I wondered how she knew of my search, but did not ask.

"n'Shari has been captured by spies from the Northern Kingdom. n'Mori, the Merchant saw him on the Border road with a group of children in a Norther wagon."

"I don't understand. Why would the Northers want a child not yet thirteen?"

"They do not think as we do," m'Tal replied. "They capture children at 7 and 8 before they know the path of their parents or the path of war."

"But I was with her this morning, before she took the basket to the berry bushes. Shlomo was guarding. He would not have let any stranger come near n'Shari."

"Your fire-cat is old and untrustworthy. I warned you not to trust that bearded visitor your family took in several weeks ago. He was no farmer. Your father told me this man was also missing. From n'Mori's description, he was the driver of the wagon."

(Okay readers, tell me this excerpt sounds interesting and I will kindly oblige and write more.

I had a dream: a warrior apprentice braved the evil kingdom she had been taught to fight against, in order to rescue her sister, n'Shari, who didn't want to be rescued. In fact going to the Northern Kingdom with the stranger was n'Shari's idea. Why? Who is the stranger and why did n'Shari tell n'Kira that the warriors of the Southern Kingdom had twisted her mind, that the Northern Kingdom held the key to freedom for the Borderland farmers?)