Essence of the Butterfly

From time beyond memory, people has always been looking for the Eternia's Butterfly. The Eternia's Butterfly. Beautiful and full of grace. But beyond the beauty, mystery lies within. It has always been sought by greedy people searching for immortality.

Gido is a member of the Perpetua Society. A group of researchers and hunters set to find and catch the said butterfly. He is a part of the six- man search for the butterfly. And so they headed to the Serene Mountains where the butterfly can only be found. After a few weeks, they have managed to catch the butterfly. But as soon as they mixed the dust from the butterfly's wings with their food and ate it, all of Gido's companions turned into awful beasts and soon died. Only he survived, survived to live forever.

Teesha is a member of the girl scouts. At the camp while sleeping, she was awakened by the light that came from the butterfly's wings while it was laying its eggs. She tried to catch it but it suddenly and quickly flew away. It left some dust on Teesha's hands. The girl, being curious, sniffed it and as soon as her nose reacted with the dust's smell, she felt something passing through her veins. From that moment on she knew that she was cursed, cursed with immortality.

Teesha, being so afraid, ran out of the campsite and found Gido at the foot of the hill. Together they became traveling companions and agreed to find a way to remove the curse from their bodies. After years and years of extensive probe, they discovered a way on how to alleviate the curse. One should eat or sniff the powdered golden horn of the sacred unicorn. The said unicorn can only be found at the Tranquil Forest but it will only show itself to a maiden with a pure heart ready to wear a ring of fuchsias flowers on its head.

So they set to the Tranquil Forest. Upon entering the forest, doubt and fear filled themselves. Doubt and fear that they will lose their only chance of curing themselves from the curse and the whole thing lies on Teesha's hands. If her heart is not pure, then they will never be able to restore themselves to normal. There, Teesha stood at the heart of the forest, waiting for the sacred unicorn to appear. Gido is at the side hiding beyond the bushes, ready to shoot the unicorn with an arrow. If the unicorn does not appear within an hour, then Teesha's heart is not pure. Minutes and minutes passed but the unicorn still doesn't appear. The moments passed and the last five minutes of waiting has come and the unicorn still doesn't show itself.

The two are already preparing to go disappointed but at the last second, the unicorn came galloping with its golden horn shining very strongly. Just as the unicorn showed itself, Gido quickly shot it. The arrow's sharp end dug its way on the unicorn's hind leg but one thing unexpectedly happened. The unicorn was then covered with a very bright and mysterious blue light. Bit by bit, all of it, including its horn, turned into glowing ashes and flew into the air like blue fireflies.

Their plan to shoot the arrow was unsuccessful. They have lost their one and only chance to heal the curse. From that moment on, they knew that they have found someone to spend eternity with. The travels made them develop into fine and strong people loving each other.

For mortals, the words forever and eternity has sorrowful connotation. But if you have someone to spend eternity with, forever doesn't seem like a big deal anymore.