The overcast sky greeted me as I stepped out of the SUV onto the grassy patch outside Pine Tree Academy, where I would spend the rest of my high school life in. The grey clouds over the majestic standing buildings seemed almost surreal.

"A rather hostile welcoming," I thought to myself, but, that was life. Pine Tree Academy was an extremely prestigious boarding school in South Boston, which had an alarming 90% of its students making it to Ivy League universities, and 40% of them making it to Harvard. To my parents, whom which grades was of utmost importance; the boarding school was an ideal destination for me.

It was a vast change, being uprooted from the sunny shores of Palm Springs in California, to the bleak and chilly state of Massachusetts. After being the top student in my high school in Palm Springs for 2 years, my parents decided that I deserved a better education than then the errant education standards I received in Palm Springs, so I was shipped off, far away from my friends to Boston, without my consent.

I put down my suitcases, took a deep breath, and took a long look at the foreboding, brick buildings. I took some time to digest the new surroundings, knowing I would eventually have to get used to them, including the stiff uniforms and the never ending list of rules and regulations.

"I'm sure you will enjoy your time here, dear! Don't worry I'm sure you will make many new friends here. We are so proud of you!" chirped my mother in a sickeningly sweet voice as she bid me goodbye. I cringed at her words, doubting any truth in them. Sometimes I wondered if she really loved me or if I was just another decorative item to show off to all of her high- society friends.

As I was led to my dorm room, I thought that by the stuffy, dull-looking academy that these would be one of the most uneventful years in my life. That nothing would happen to me and that the next few years would be spent on nothing but studying and studying and stupid co-curricular activities that would gain me credit to get into a school like Harvard or Princeton. How completely mistaken I was.