Why can't you come into my world?
Your life is so simple
And yet. . .
You complicated mine

Why did I have to fall for you?
I know, I can't help it
But couldn't I have prevented it. . .

You're everything I would ever want
Cute, smart, funny, nice. . .
But I can't have you

I wish I could tell you how I feel
But I know you wouldn't hear me

Our worlds are separated by a wall
I can see so much going on in yours
But you can't see anything of mine

You don't even know I exist

Sometimes I dream of us together
But we'd look weird standing side by side
Our worlds are so different

I wish I could confess my love to you
I want to so badly
I know you would understand
If only you could hear me. . .

No one would ever understand
If I told someone,
They would just laugh. . .

I wish we weren't so separated
I wish I could find someone