A light flickers

And then it's gone

Its time for us

To carry on

Our candles lit

Our tear filled eyes

We gaze across

The crimson skies

Can you remember

When they were blue

It sparkled on

The morning dew

Hinting of more

Than just this world

A starlight dreamer

A nightmare unfurled

Pastel thoughts

That creep inside

Think of sunrise

And when you died

The way you smiled

Like you knew more

A misty flight

Just like before


A light flickers

And then you're gone

This is your game

I am your pawn

I live inside

This shell of fear

My thoughts of you

I held so dear

Waiting for

The icy touch

You give me pain

You give so much

Dreams of death

Of solitude

What you have done

Is far from crude

I take my fear

And lash about

My blood stained hands

Will bring me out

I've been hurt

This is not crime

Revenge is sweet

When it kills time