A Little Magic

Chapter 5

It was almost an hour since Carlotta had left and Alice was starting to get worried. What if something had happened to her? What if she'd been discovered and was now back in the cell, or worse, dead? What if… She never got to finish her last 'what if' because someone suddenly grabbed her.


"Carlotta! Thank the Maiden! Where have you been?"

Carlotta looked to her right. Alice followed her gaze, and gave a squeal of delight, "Anna! I cannot believe it! I thought I would never see you again!"

Anna smiled at her, her frizzy red hair going everywhere in the breeze. Carlotta viewed their pleasure with an indulgent grin, until she felt she had to break in.

"Enough! There'll be time for hellos after the spell. Let's get moving." Alice and Anna nodded,


"A time for everything

And everything in its place

Return what has been moved

Through time and space.

A time for everything

And everything in its place

Return what has been moved

Through time and space."

They chanted the spell twice and waited to see what would happen. At first, nothing did, then slowly a green light surrounded Carlotta. She shouted something over the loud wind that suddenly blew up.

"What?" Alice and Anna both shouted, "We couldn't hear you!"

"I said…"

The rest of Carlotta's words were blown away as she vanished.

"I said, I'll see you again some day. Don't forget me."

Carlotta's voice sounded loud in her bedroom, without the roaring wind to compete with. She looked around sadly.

"Did you say something, Carly?" Her sister yelled through the door.

"No, nothing."

Carlotta looked around. Would she ever see them again? She hoped so…


Will Carlotta ever see Alice and Anna again? And what happened to the after they sent Carlotta back to Japan - Yr 2002? Read the sequel Carlotta's Wish to find out…

Authors Note

* Some of the happenings in this book were non-fiction. It really was Betty Parris, and Abigail Williams Reverend Samuel Parris's daughter and niece that started the whole witch trials, and Margaret Scott and Martha Corey were in fact hanged for witchcraft on September 22nd 1692. It is sad that those events did indeed take place in Salem, and I would like to dedicate this story, as bad as it is, to those unlucky people who were drowned and hanged in 1692 Salem.