you look at me with passion
there's that sparkle in your eyes
I look at you returning the look
I know this is wrong, so why?

why do I have these feelings
why can't we be as one
it's just not right that we're related
i don't want to be your cousin

it's not sexual attraction
it's the way you make me feel
I remember first holding your hand
it was hard to believe that was real

when eating with the family
I always catch that glare
you catch me when I'm unsuspecting
now you know that's not too fair

so how can we be together
my dad's your uncle, your mom my aunt
I would love to make you mine
but the truth is that I can't

it's morally impossible
they'll say our kids are freaks
but who says that we're having kids
with you is all I want to be

so even though my feelings for you
will never be truly free
I will always watch over you
and I know you'll watch over me