The sky was dark, the moon was high and the stars were few and far between. A light mist rolled in from the bank's shore as an eerie silence filled the night air. But not too far off in the distance, footsteps could be heard. Blades of grass being crushed as twigs snapped under a young girl's feet. She remained focused on reaching a destination only she was certain of . The wind suddenly blew in from across the water, picking up leaves along the way. It reached the girl, caressing her skin and twirling her skirt to it's content. She carried on, but as the wind began to calm she took notice of another sound. One that was not made by some force of nature. As a matter of fact, something completely un-natural had been behind it. Keeping her head high and her senses extra alert the girl continued on her way, one hand resting half way in the black bag she carried.

A slight rustle could be heard to her left as her head snapped in it's direction, she managed to catch a glimpse of black material glide through the trees. Her eyes widened in attention and her heartbeat slowed as she watched for any other sign of movement. When she could see none, she ran. Her breathing became laboured as she shifted between tree branches and did her best to avoid large rocks and sticks. Not once looking back the girl only quickened her pace. But that did nothing to further her from her assaliant as she felt a presence creep up behind her until she imagined it was breathing down her neck. With amazing reflexes and before the girl even had time to think, she had rolled to the side and fumbled before grabbing something out of her bag. When she looked up she found herself face to face with a pair of cold and stony eyes. Frozen to her spot momentarily she didn't even breath as the creature continued to stare back at her. Ever so slowly the girl made her way to a standing position, as the thing remained crouched on the ground. Her arm shook, hiding the object in her hand in the side of her skirt. The man-like creatures eyes darted to it. As quickly as she pulled it out, he had shot up and grabbed her by her shoulder as his other arm shot up and grabbed her hand. His gaze landed in between both their bodies where inches from his heart was a jagged wooden stake. He opened his mouth wide to the girl revealing a pair of glistening white fangs. Frightened, she tried to force her weight into her arm that was gripping the object while struggling with the thing's inhuman hold. Her brow furrowed in great concentration as the stake slowly inched closer to his body. But before it made contact, he spun the girl in the opposite direction, knocking the weapon out of her hand.

"No!" She cried as he pulled her back to him. Pinning her arms behind her, he slowly lowered them both to the ground so that she was resting on his lap. She struggled briefly, pulling away from him, but he was too strong and had her back up against him in seconds. He removed one of his hands from her wrists and used it to move a lock of auburn hair behind her ear, exposing the pale white flesh of her neck. Then he snaked it around her side and placed it over her left bosom. Her heart was racing and he could feel it with the rise and fall of her chest. It was the same as with all of his victims, fear was the reasoning. He breathed in her scent and bit her ear as she gave a slight shudder. But that was all she did. Even as he bared his fangs and placed them against her delicate flesh, she did not squirm. Curiousity getting the best of the creature, he pulled back slightly and the girl took notice.

"Why don't you struggle?" He asked thick with arousal. There was a brief pause before the girl spoke.

"Just get it done with vampyre." She spat.

"WHY DON'T YOU STRUGGLE?" He asked forcefully, applying more pressure to the female's wrists. "And HOW do you know what I am?"

"I know of your kind." She stated baring her teeth. "And struggling only makes the experience painful when it need not be." Shocked and surprised by the girl's response, the vampyre's hold loosened. Not wasting a second the girl used this to her advantage as she crawled in the direction the stake had fallen in. Clawing at the earth, the girl's skirt ripped on a piece of jagged rock and cut the skin underneath. As her hand went to grab the wooden weapon, the vampyre had grabbed a hold of her legs and was pulling her away. The girl screamed frantically as she attempted to lunge for the object but it was to no avail and she quickly found herself being flipped over onto her back. The wind was knocked out of her lungs and her vision blurred as she felt cold hands running up her legs and pushing her skirt up. Kicking her legs was the best she could manage as her line of sight slowly came back into focus. He was leering at her as his eyes roamed over her body, his hands on either side of her. She glared at the monster and pressed her lips tightly together. When he saw this, he smiled wickedly at her and moved his face closer to hers, but stopped at her knee. Looking down she was able to see the scrape made by the rock as blood trickled down her leg. "Back off." She warned and the vampyre's eyes shot back up to hers. It was in that instant that the girl could feel a change inside her. It felt as though the creature had reached in and taken over her thoughts then touched her very soul. She was unable to move as he ran his tongue over the cut and watched in horror as he repeated the action. When finally she could bare it no longer, a single tear made it's way down her face.

"Ah, now you are frightened, yes?" He asked, looking rather pleased with himself.

"P-lease st-stop." She whimpered. An uncontrollabe shudder washed over her as he licked up her thigh. He stopped to gaze into her eyes once more and she found herself unable to look away.

"Now that I have your attention my dear, I insist you answer my questions." She had no choice but to nod in reply. "Excellent. Now how is it, my sweet, that you have come to learn of vampyres?" He asked, gliding his fingers up her body.

"Zareb." She breathed heavily in reply.

"And who might that be?" He asked her teasingly. No doubt some over imaginative young boy she knew, he assumed.

"A friend, like you." She moaned as he placed a hand upon her breast and began to unbutton her top with the other. This caused the vampyre to laugh.

"So I'm a friend now, am I?"

"No." The girl giggled, moving her head to both sides on the ground. "He's a vampyre." He immediately stopped what he was doing as he was snapped to complete attention, his mental hold on the girl temporarily forgotten.

"A vampyre." But the words were softer than a whisper. He eyed the girl suspicously, seeing her fiery temper and spirit reappearing he became once again ensnared by her charms. Taking a pale hand to her face he ran a finger over her cheek. "Foolish girl, vampyres and mortals can not be friends." But he could see by her facial expression that her words had been true and that perhaps she felt she had already said too much. Looking into her eyes the creature aked. "What is yout name child?"

"Jade," she answered glad that he hadn't asked anymore questions about Zareb. He continued to lean in towards her face when she tried to think of something that would make him stop. "What's yours?" She wasn't really sure why she had decided to ask him that exact question, but it had seemed like the thing to do at the time. The vampyre quickly pulled back, sitting atop the girl, legs still on either side. He seemed to be contemplating the question. Almost as though he were trying to decide whether or not to answer, when a smile played across his lips.

"My name is Drake." Then as quickly as the monster had appeared, he was gone. Not yet trusting herself to move, Jade continued to lay there for sometime. Only when she was certain that the creature had left did she stand up. And after great contemplation, she turned and walked in the opposite direction she had originally been headed in, making her way home.