Jade sat in her living room, curled up on the sofa and reading a book when a voice called out to her. "Jade, I have something to show you." The young woman immediately shot up from where she had been sitting. She didn't appear to be awake though and moved in what appeared to be a trance to the door. Her hand moved of its own accord to reach out and grab the handle when she suddenly stopped.

"Where are we going?" The question took him by surprise but he found her ability to fight his mind control amusing and charming. It made him want her even more, knowing she was a challenge.

"Just for a walk, it's a lovely night out."

"Okay" then as an after thought asked "who are you again?"

"Don't you recognize my voice?" he asked as the door swung open and he greeted her with a smile.

"Drake." There was no fear in her voice and the reply had been practically devoid of any emotion. As soon as she stepped out of the house the vampyre took her hand in his and gave a smile that showed off his fangs. "Where are we going?" she asked him as he began leading her away from the premises.

"You shall see soon enough my dear."


He wasn't entirely sure what had brought him to this place. Last thing he remembered he was headed home from work, so what was he doing in the other end of town?

"Hello lover." At the sound of her voice he remembered. She had lured him here. 'Who is SHE again?' the question sat lingering in the back of his mind. Smiling seductively and trying to clear the young man's mind of any reservations he might be having she grabbed him by the hand and dragged him into a nearby back lane.

"What are we doing here?" he asked her amusedly, although he still felt a little confused.

"What AREN'T we going to do here is what you should be asking." Never allowing his eyes wander anywhere but her she grabbed the sides of his face a pulled him in for a kiss. When he began to return the kiss she pushed her slender fingers through the front loops of his pants to pull him flush against her.

David's hands made their way up into the female's blond hair when she began grinding her lower body against him. What she was doing made him feel good but something still didn't seem right.

"Well now, isn't that disgusting." It was more of a statement that Drake had just made in order to capture Jade's attention.

"Hmm?" she wondered what the vampyre was talking about when she turned to look in the same direction he had. At first glance all she could make out were two figures, one male and one female, leaning against a building and making bold, public displays of their affection for one another.

"There's no need for us to be seeing this" Drake added right before recognition seemed to slap Jade in the face. Her eyes went wide and her mouth opened slightly in shock when the female ran her hands down David's chest and slipped herself down to his waist. When the vampyre realized his plan was working, he let his control over the girl's emotions slip so that she could feel the full effect of her boyfriend's betrayal.

"No..." Being a psychic vampyre, Drake did have some empathic abilities and he found himself feeding off of the girl's misery. It was delicious. Not half as wonderful as her pleasure might taste he found himself thinking.

Almost at the exact same moment the vampire's plan to keep the man's attention on her by keeping eye contact back-fired. When she looked up at him with her blue eyes he instantly knew something was wrong. This woman had blond hair and blue eyes and almost as an after thought he realized he didn't even know her name. He found himself thinking that her hair should be longer, thicker and darker but her eyes – he just knew they weren't right. Emerald, they should be emerald! Moments with Jade flashed before David's eyes. They were holding hands and sharing a few chaste kisses. They were more intimate then anything with this gorgeous creature could ever be.

He pushed the stranger off of him with such urgency that the vampire fell down to the ground. She wasn't sure what had gone wrong but she did catch a glimpse of her master out of the corner of her eye. When she looked back to the man she had been put in charge of he was stumbling away from her, holding his head and mumbling some type of an apology. The vampire realized her hold on David had been broken. She could feel Drake's gaze on her and knew he was not pleased. The vampire panicked and grabbed him by the hair without hesitation before snapping his neck in two, letting the blood flow through her like a fine wine. She appeared to be devouring as much as his life fluid as she could manage but some still managed to drip onto his pale white skin and then roll off to splatter on the ground. Jade saw it all happen before her eyes without having had the opportunity to stop any of it.

"David" Jade spoke his name as though it had traveled on a gust of wind before her legs gave in and her mind went blank. Drake caught the girl and covered her with his cape. The vampire made quick work of finishing David off before crossing the road over to where Drake and Jade were.

"You have failed me." was all he said to the vampire.

"No I…" but a wave of the Drake's hand was all it took for her to disappear.

"Things did not go as planned my dear" he told Jade, stroking her hair "but the end result will be the same."