Chapter 2

"So, how are we going to kill some guy when we're just teenagers?" Liadan asked flatly.
"Columbine..." Fallon muttered.
"I will endow you with powers of your own, and I will train you. But you need outfits you can move in, first. What you wear would rip easily. Follow me," Anya explained, once again leading them into the passages of the old castle.
They entered a room that had been set up for training, and pased through it to the armory, where there were boards set up everywhere with outfits and weapons layed out upon them.
"Choose one. The weapons are concealed within the outfit - so the weapons come with it. But first... your powers. Who's first?" Anya asked casually.
"I will," Maeve declared clearly, stepping forward.
"As you wish. And you'd best hold onto something," Anya replied.
"Why?" Maeve asked, but was soon answered as she was thrown across the room by an invisible force. She slammed against the wall and was pinned there, crying out in pain.
Anya had closed her eyes and was chanting, her head bowed solemly.
The others watched in awe as Maeve writhed in pain.
Her mahogany hair blew back and her pale skin seemed to glow as she cried out. She had never felt so much pain and she screamed with it. Slowly sliding to the ground she appeared to be on fire, like she had burst into flame. Sobbing now, she fell to the floor, the invisible force finally releasing her. She crawled a few feet towards Anya on her hands and knees before collapsing on the cold, stone floor. Her breathing was heavy and her body had obviously undergone something seriously damaging.
Anya's eyes snapped open, "So! Who's next?"
"Ohhh no. You are so not doing that to me," Liadan insisted, backing up.
Fallon silently stepped towards Maeve.
"Don't!" Anya yelled, "Unless you want to suffer severe burns, that is,"
Fallon stepped backwards. "Will she be okay?"
"She'll be fine as soon as she wakes up," Anya smiled at his attentive ways, "Believe me, no one's more concerned for her safety than I am," she added.

"I'm not so sure I want powers so much anymore..." Declan pronounced, staring at Maeve's limp body.
"Fine - get your blood sucked out of your neck. Okay by me. I'm next," Fallon said, bracing himself for the undeniable pain that was undoubtedly about to follow.
Anya nodded and bowed her head again. She closed her eyes and began to mutter the incantation.
At first nothing happened, so Fallon relaxed. Suddenly, the invisible force lifted him up and smashed his back against the celing. He was pinned there, the air knocked out of him, and he gasped.
He felt his body being gripped and altered, and he was suffocationg and feeling every molecule of air around him as it pushed against him. He nearly saw spots in front of his eyes as his lack of air started to seemingly kill him. Suddenly, the air was released back into his lungs, and he dropped from the ceiling and landed in Anya's waiting arms.
She finished the incantation and her eyes snapped open. "How do you feel?" she asked.
Fallon was panting heavily. "Like fuck," he managed to gasp before passing out.
Anya placed him on the floor gently as Maeve began to stir.
Her eyes fluttered slowly open - no longer hazel, but now red, and if you looked into them, there appeared to be flames there. She merely sat there, dazed.
"And how are you feeling?" Anya inquired, kneeling in front of her.
"God, just kill me now," she groaned.
Anya laughed, "I told you to hold onto something. But do you listen? No,"
Maeve groaned again and slowly made her way to her feet.
"Let's see your powers," Liadan challenged.
Anya snorted, "Oh, yes - because just having them let's you instantaneously know how to use them," she mocked, "Let's try and be a little more supportive, shall we?" she picked up a small sliver of wood and handed it to Maeve, "Burn it," she instructed.
Maeve brought it level to her face and stared at it. After a few minutes she declared, "It isn't working,"
Anya snorted again, "Did you actually command the flames to rise to your bidding? I mean, how is the fire supposed to know it should just pop up when you don't tell it to,"
"Oh," Maeve muttered. She looked at the sliver and frowned. It burst into flame the minute she commanded it to. She dropped it out of habit, but she hadn't been burned, nor had she noticed it's heat.
Fallon groaned and sat up. "Damn. That shit hits you hard," he complained, rubbing the back of his head.
"I know," agreed Maeve.
"So, who's next?" Anya asked.
"I'll go," Declan announced to everyone's surprise.
"If you say so," Anya smiled. She dropped her head and closed her eyes, then began to mutter the spell.
Declan closed is eyes and simply prayed to whatever was up there that it wouldn't hurt so bad. It wasn't long before he notice and invisible force kept him in place. He couldn't move and he felt like he had just been beaten up a million times over. His body hurt like one big bruise and sharp pains stabbed at him randomly. He felt like the room was closing in to crush him, and he screamed, as both Maeve and Fallon before him had. Before long, his body have way and when the force released him, he slipped to the floor in a heap.
"That leaves you," Anya declared, looking at Liadan.
Liadan nodded. "Give it to me," she sighed.
For one final time, Anya bowed her head, closed her beautiful amber eyes, and uttered the incantation.
Liadan was slowly encased in a bubble. She started to yell for help, but her cries were muffled when it instantaneously filled with water. She appeared to be drowning, and she felt as if she was. She inhaled water, tried not to drink it in, coughed and spluttered and couldn't get out. Her body began to convulse in the waves of pain that rushed over her, and she cried out to no avail.
By the time she was screaming in pain, the bubble and water abruptly disappeared and Liadan fell limply to the floor, coughing and heaving. She gave way to unconciousness the same time Declan woke up and Anya dropped to the floor, exhausted at her efforts.
By now, Maeve had begun to tell Fallon and Declan that they simply needed to command their power. She had fire, and Anya had said Fallon had wind.
He summoned the wind forward, and rose into the air as a gust of it blew in from nowhere.
Anya slowly opened her eyes to tell Declan he could armor himself and form any weapon upon will, and that Liadan's power was water.

Dracula hid in the shadows, waiting for a villager to leave their house and walk home in the rain. He spotted a young couple and an elderly woman, walking along the cobblestones. He swooped down and grabbed the old woman as she let out a shrill scream. He flew higher up into the air as she continued to demand he put her down. She started hitting him on the head with her drawstring purse repeatedly.
"Stop that," he demanded.
"Put me down this instand!" she demanded again, "I'll call the authorities, young man! I'm not afraid of you," she insisted.
"Ah the irony," he mused. SLAM! The purse descended upon his head again. He growled.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you," he sneered.
"Why not?!" she asked shortly.
He suddenly released her and she screamed her shrill cry all the way until she splattered on the ground. Dracula laughed maniacally. "I told you so,"
He returned to his castle, and entered throught the tower window.
His coffin was closed and an unbelievably attactive girl was sitting, legs crossed, on top. She was dressed to kill in a slinky black and red dress, with fishnet stockings, crimson stilettos, and with matching scarlet lips. Her hair was fiery red, but for the black streaks that had begun to grow in 500 years ago when they first came to this realm.
Elë remembered being mortal. Her name had been Adelle and the villagers had accepted her readily. She adopted the name Elë, and lived with a new family she learned to love. But Dracula had brought her here and was determined to keep her. And now she couldn't go home, and she couldn't return to the village - she was a vampyr. Half human, hald vampire. And every three and a half months she needed to drink blood. Or she'd die (she found out the dying part the hard way).
Dracula stepped down from the window in into the room. He shook the rain from his cloak and took it off, tossing it carelessly aside.
"Where's dinner?" Elë asked.
Dracula snorted. "Let's just say..." he trailed off.
"You dropped them again!" she hopped off of the coffin and approached him. "I can't believe you," she sighed, "Where am I going to get the blood?! Hmm?!" she demanded.
"There are leftovers in the iron maiden," he told her.
"That's disgusting. You didn't even put him on ice! His blood is probably all yucky now!" she whined. "Do I have to do everything myself? Who did you drop?"
"Some old lady who kept hitting me with her purse and calling me young," he laughed.
"Kathryn Hubbard?! You dolt! She had a husband!" Elë yelled.
"So go take him," Dracula suggested flatly.
"Ugh. Fine," Elë agreed, taking his cloak from the floor and exiting using the door.

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