Roses & Wine

Blood red petals scatter,
Gently floating in the stream.
The vibrant portrait
Blossoms into serenity.

The bitter taste calls
With a distinctive aroma.
Maturity grazes an essence,
Renounced of trepidation.

The crystalline equation,
Clasping in perpetuity.
Engulfed in pure emotion,
Amidst crimson, ivory and coral.

The full moon is a glowing haven,
As illusory as the tranquil scene.
Blue-hued clouds reluctantly disappear,
And the rose-glass mirror lowers.

Guarding fairies serenade,
Twilight nourishing the dawn.
Echoes never to be abandoned ,
Holding the truths of time.

Radiant stars grant the path,
Veiled as hidden signs.
Laced inside the lullaby,
I fall into a reverie.

Drowsed in a bed of flowers,
Held in a river of sweet nectar.
A delicate magic glitters,
Like shooting stars in the velvet sky.

Jeweled fireflies float,
Granting my every wish.
Consciousness slips through,
Blooming into peaceful thirst.