Authors Notes: - This is a bit of a writing exercise. Me and my Dad just got back from visiting Cherry Arizona (if you don't know where that is, don't feel bad, its in the middle of BFE), which is the setting of this little fic. It's a little morbid but enjoy!

Bullet in the Chamber

I could feel my own breath on my face. It was hot as I struggled to breathe, letting out long puffs followed by frantic deep breaths. There was a bag over my head, judging by the rough texture I would guess it was burlap. I was trying my hardest not to hyperventilate, but it was hard. Fear griped my whole body, making me tense up painfully. My hands were tied behind my back with nylon ropes, my feet were similarly bound together and a short rope connected the two bindings, forcing me into an agonizing position.

How long had I been there unconscious? Hell- how long had I been conscious? I had long ago lost all sense of time; but I could fee the vehicle moving, hear the sounds of the tires on the road. We were moving quickly, had being moving quickly for a while. My best guess was that we were on a highway of some sort. Where ever I was there were mountains. Periodically the pressure would change, making my head feel like it had been suddenly stuffed with cotton, and I could feel the car, I think it was a car, struggle to climb.

My throat was so parched and sore, I could almost imagine it bleeding. I wasn't gagged but after screaming until my voice failed me I could tell why they hadn't bothered.

Who where they? Why was I here? Where was here and where were they taking me?

I closed my eyes and tried to relax. All around me the sounds of the road and car noises were both soothing and frightful. When those noises ended, would me life end as well?

Was it sweat or blood that soaked my hands? The pain in my wrists suggested that it was blood but I was soaked in sweat. It dripped down my face and stung my eyes. A mix of sweat and tears dampened the side of the bag over my head. I could taste them as they flowed down my face, they were salty. Before I'd never known how similar they tasted, I couldn't tell them apart, or if I was even crying anymore.

Suddenly the car slowed, I felt it turn and then the road changed. We began to bounce on a now uneven, and unpaved road. Rocks struck at the undercarriage and I could almost feel them as if they were striking me as well.

Time stretched on, still they drove down the unpaved road. This couldn't be good, they were taking me somewhere remote, somewhere where no one would find me. I began to weep again, and sobbed uncontrollably. These very well could be the last few moments of my life: trapped in a trunk, bound, blind and scared.

The car moved painfully slowly, creeping up and down mountains, how many I wasn't sure. I found myself praying to God, hell, to anything that would listen. You never think that you're going to die anyway but of natural causes. A heart attack or peacefully in your sleep, the thought never enters your mind that someone could kill you, willfully kill you.

Is that what they planned? Or maybe it was one person, a serial killer. I didn't even know who had taken me. How could this be happening to me? I'd never done anyone wrong. My life was normal, average, unspectacular. What series of events could have lead up to me being kidnapped. I assumed that they, he, would kill me. Why else were we out here?

The car inched to a stop. The engine died and silence folded itself around me. All I could hear was my own frantic breathing. People always described how you could hear your heart pounding in your ears. It's not like that. I could feel my heart, the blood vessels in my ears throbbed so much it seemed impossible for me not to be able to hear the blood rushing through them.

A sound! The car door opened then there was the sound of gravel crunching under someone's feet. No, not one door, two doors had opened. They closed almost in tandem, but there was that seconds hesitation before the second closed. I heard them clearly, two sets of feet moving around the car towards me.

The trunk opened and I could feel the hot sun slam into me. It was daytime. Strong hands took hold of me by the arm and pulled me bodily out of the trunk. My body hit the ground hard, twisting joints in ways they weren't meant to. I cried out in pain as rocks dug into my skin. The hands took hold of me again, and pulled me up. I felt someone kneel beside me. They grabbed my feet and I felt them doing something to my binds. Seconds later the rope loosened and my feet were free.

They hit the ground hard, sharply reminding me that I was barefoot. Of course I was barefoot, I'd been sleeping in my bed. God, I missed my bed. I kept hoping, that maybe, just maybe I'd suddenly wake up and find that it all had been a horridly vivid nightmare.

The hands gripping my upper arm tightened enough to bruise. He, it had to be a man, forced me to move. I'd only walked a short distance on the uneven dirt road before he pulled me to a stop. The second person came up behind me and pulled off the burlap sack.

I was suddenly struck by the view before me. Rising gracefully and dipping low were a series of small and large mountains. I was standing just on the edge of a dirt road that had been carved into the side of one of the mountains. Below me, far below me, was a gorge. Scruffy desert trees and bushes coated the landscape, a green carpet laced with pale brown dirt.

The sun stung my eyes and I turned my head slowly, to look at my captors. The second man, again I assumed it was a man, grabbed me roughly by the hair and forced my face back towards the picturesque mountains.

"No peaking." He said in a gruff uncultured voice.

"Why are you doing this to me!?" I asked weakly, my voice barely a whisper, but it was all I could force out of my raw throat.

"Don't take it personally, it's only business." A second, more intelligent, but deeper sounding voice said from my side.

Tears, I didn't think I had any left, poured down my face. I struggled to think of what to say, what to do, but fear paralyzed me in place. Something cold and hard pressed into the back of my head. Terror gripped me like never before, I almost vomited when I realized what it was.

He was pressing a gun into my head. The metal bit into my skin just over the top of my spine. My life, everything I'd done, it was all over, and I didn't know why....