By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had all began one night
In the city of Cleveland,which had ended with a fright.
Marty and me were riding our Harleys
Over to a place where we were able to see
That one shipment coming in on that night.

As soon as we had arrived at the harbor,
We saw the ship come in and the crew unload her
Cargo,which was a large stash of gold and jewels,
Which was suppossed to go to the one who rules
The entire Griffenrose Publishing Empire.

After all of the loot was off the ship,
We had gone down there and got a really good grip
On the humongous loot bag.
And then,we were able to drag
Ourselves away from the yard of ships.

About a few blocks later,me and Marty
Were about to devide up the booty.
But that was before
We had seen someone we've never saw before--
Even if she was such a hottie.

We've asked her for her name
And she had told us that her name
Was Victoria and she wanted a piece
Of the action for herself and her niece,
Whose life was considered to be lame.

But after I had told Victoria
That I was thinking on giving Maria,
My ladylove some of my share of the loot,
Marty had told her that he doesn't give a hoot
And decided to go have a moment of pure sin with Victoria.

And then,while I was calling Maria on the pay
Phone and telling her that I want to go all the way
With the whole marriage thing,
I had suddenly heard some screaming
Coming from where Marty and Victoria were at play.

After I had ran over to where
The scream had came from,I was totally unprepared
For what I had seen--the very sight
Which had sent the rays of chilling fright
Up and down my spine and and in-between there.

I had discovered that the one known as Victoria
Was actually a woman who was unlike my beloved Maria,
For she was indeed a frightful sight
Known as a vampire,a creature of the night
That lives on human blood.And a smile came on the lips of Victoria.

That was when I had decided to zoom myself
Out of there,before she has turned me into a bloody little elf.
As soon as I had made it to Maria's apartment,
I had suddenly noticed that the gift I had sent
To her for her birthday was in the garbage,instead of a bedroom shelf.

After I had barged my way into Maria's pad,I had made a discovery
That had made me want to cry out loud for my Mommy and Daddy.
The bloodthirsty vixen known as Victoria
Had followed me to Maria's
Apartment and found out how to get to me.

After she had drained every drop of blood out of Maria,
The same smile had reappeared on the lips of Victoria,
Who had slammed me down,until I couldn't move anymore,
Said,"No one steals from Victoria Griffenrose!",and done the chore
Of draining the blood like she had done to Maria.

After that,I had recieved some reality in a great big doze,
For I had no choice,but to be Victoria Griffenrose's
Nocturnal sex slave for all of eternity.
As for my poor Maria,she also had no choice,but to be
The property of a vamp named Victoria Griffenrose.