Oh it's raining outside
Can't you see?
Oh, that's right you can't 'cause
you're not here with me.

You chosed to walk away
you chosed to go
Don't you regret that day
I don't you know

I'm watching as the horizon
moves right under my feet
Creating my own salvation
While you're on the street

You threw me away
like I was nothing
What can I say
You're not worth trying

How does it feel now
when I turn and walk away
Understand just how
I felt that long ago day

What is it that you wanna say
Old man of the sea and stars so far away
I did the best as only I can
Fought like hell became a man
To bring back the boy of yesterday
there isn't a simple price that you can pay

da na, na na, na na, na
Ah ah, hah ah, oh ooh, oooohh


Disgrace, Misplaced, Without a trace