The Carnival

" It all started when the carnival came to town. The carnival was supposed to bring happiness. But as soon as the tents were up, children started to disappear. Only a few teens, then some small kids. Even grown up. We were told that it was some kidnapping thing that was going through a lot of towns. No one understood that the carnival was mixed up in everything. No one understood that the carnival even displayed us the missing people. You see the carnival had this ride. It was called 'Eyes and Ears of Death'; they named the ride after the carnival. It's kind of weird when you think about it. But, in this ride, you would go through dark tunnels. The only light was the ones over the displays. And they all showed dead and cut up bodies, bloody and decapitated. It was gross, but the people enjoyed it. I don't see why no one took the time to notice what the hell was going on, but I guess that's what's wrong with our society. They never understand anything till they are almost fucking dead themselves. Then that's when they want to believe. My story starts where the carnival began. It starts right to the point when I read about it in the paper. And my friends thought it would be cool to check it out. It took us one whole week to figure out what the hell was going on. And when we did, it was a little too late."

"Ok. Now that you gave me your introduction, I think it's time to tell the whole story." Said the plump round man. I nodded my head. And looked at him.

"This story, was probably already written, and it's just my turn to tell it. But if you want to know, here goes. It all started on Friday, October 25...."

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