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A slight grumble was heard as a form shifted a bit- literally slamming the button for the alarm down, it pulled the blankets away- revealing an exquisitely beautiful woman- though her eyes laced with a bit of annoyance.

She groaned slightly, brushing her jet-black hair back as her crimson highlights shimmered in the morning sunlight.  She stood up- straightening her lavender, sleeveless, silk nightgown as she gave a stretch.

She looked at the clock- seeing that it was only 9am, as she sighed with disgust.  It was Saturday, and she had forgotten to shut off the setting of her alarm last night.

'Lovely,' she thought, her ocean blue eyes narrowing for a few moments as she quickly ran a brush through her long, wavy hair- setting it back down upon the nightstand, as she went to head downstairs.

She stumbled into the kitchen- the affects of wanting to sleep still with her, as she pulled a Coke out of the fridge.  Cracking open the can, she fixed her gaze outside.  It was rather pretty out today. 

It was just beginning to turn warm- as the end of March was near.  A warm, soothing breeze blew as the sunlight cast it's rays down upon everything that it could touch.  The young lady continued to stare, her pretty eyes holding a bit of sadness as she noticed two dragonflies sweep by as one.

She sighed, 'Spring is the season of love,' she thought, 'So, why can't I have what everyone else does?'

She scoffed as she stood up, 'That does it.  No self loathing for me!' 

She decided to take a quick shower, and then go for a nice walk.  It would help to clear her thoughts after all.  Walking upstairs, she went into the bathroom and grabbed a towel and facecloth from the cabinet above.  Setting them on the sink top- she reached behind her neck- unhooking the clasp to her red-ruby, and silver pentacle.

If one were to look closer, and if they had done their homework- they could clearly spot the tiny engraving right in the middle of the star.  It was in diamonds- a little symbol of a flame embedded in the center- gold accenting the middle, as the light seemed to make it sparkle.

Most of the time, the young lady kept it tucked into her shirt or dress.  Away from the public that judges, and worst of all, as she had experienced in a few times of letting her guard down- try to kill her.

It was true that she was immortal- but she could still be killed.  Slain by the element that was just her opposite, and that which her kind opposed- water.  And not just any water- but holy, purified water. 

Unlike vampires, she could not be bothered by the sun, or even garlic.  Though hit with a white gold, sacred blade and her eternity was cut short.

'And that,' she thought, 'Would suck entirely.'

She turned on the water to her preferred temperature- not scalding hot- but pretty toasty, as she undid her robe- shutting the door, eventhough she was the only one living in her home, as she stripped down- stepping into the shower as she let the water run through her mussed up hair.

Letting out a refreshed sigh, she finished up- killing the water as she pulled the deep red curtain back- reaching for the love red towel on the sink.  As you probably can tell, red was her favorite color of all.  It reflected her personality; or rather, that expected of her kind.

But she was different.  For when her type wished and worked for darkness and hatred, the maiden strived to spread light and love.  Hence why everyone looked down on her.  Even her own parents had put her out on the streets due to her not wishing to follow in the lead of her expectations; and in the heart of what she was raised up to be.

She finished drying off as she threw on her nightgown once more- quickly brushing her teeth and attending to everything else as she wrapped the big towel upon her head like a turban- as she had just finished drying her wet hair with it.

Making her way to her room, she tossed the towel in the hamper- throwing her bathrobe onto her queen sized bed, as she pulled open the closet. 

'What to wear,' she thought, gazing at her mountain of hung up clothes. 

Eventhough she was born of darkness, she still loved to shop.  For clothes and music anyway.  Although she wasn't at all a feminine, girlie girl type- dresses and sundresses aligned the closet- mostly consisting of, you guessed it- red.

Selecting a blood red, lace tank top- she reached for her black, tight fitting denim jeans- pulling them both off the hanger as she set them onto the bed.  Reaching downward, she retrieved her black, platform heels out from the shoe rack as she set them aside.  She would get to them in a moment. 

She fished through her drawer as she found some undergarments- throwing them on, and then the tank top and pants.  The lace and denim hugged her slender, feminine curves as she undid the towel from her long hair- shaking it out a bit and tossing it aside.

She reached for her brush as she ran it through her black hair.  She was beautiful, eventhough she never thought so herself.  Her body was like that of a model's.  The media's idea of the 'perfect female' as she stood for a moment- gazing back at her reflection as she felt yet another wandering sigh escape her.

Many had complimented her beauty- gorgeous in a dark, mystic sense.  Her black hair that seemed to tumble down her back- though straight, but holding a glossy shine, her deep, mystical blue eyes that seemed to hold a secret.  Her secret.  One she never admitted to anyone.  And the one she had told in hopes that she could trust with her secret, betraying her soon after.  Trying to end her life. 

'You wanted the truth, so I gave it to you, Sarah.  Then you off and pulled that on me.  Best friend, my ass.'

Soft, full, but not overly full winter red lips were placed in an expressionless line, as she reached for her black onyx eyeliner- applying it to her under eyes, as she made sure to use enough so that it wouldn't rub off- but not so much that she ended up looking like a raccoon.

Once she had finished up, she popped the cap back on the pencil, as she this time reached for black mascara. Unscrewing the cap, she swished it around in the bottle for a second- gathering up some of it as she plucked it out- applying it as she occasionally went back into the bottle for more. 

When she had gotten that done, it was time for silver lipstick.  Setting the mascara down, she went for the tube to her right- applying that as she puckered up slightly- rubbing her lips together as she re-capped the tube and set it in her jeans pocket- taking it with her just in case she might need it.  She decided to leave her hair down for today, as she put the last of her outfit on- her platform heels, as she turned off the tiny lamp that sat on the dresser- walking out and down the stairs. 

Grabbing the keys to her house, she stepped outside- wincing at the sunlight that hit her eyes, as she locked up- walking towards the lake that sat in her backyard as she noticed two figures before her out on a boat on the lake.

She looked closer as they turned out to be a man and a woman.  Obviously boyfriend and girlfriend- or husband and wife, as they were too intimate to be anything else. 

The man held the woman in a protective embrace as she giggled, reaching up to kiss him, as she nuzzled into his chest.  He leaned in to whisper something to her as she smiled up- the two watching the clouds roll by, as the lake seemed to sparkle for them.

The lady sighed.  She longed to have that in her life.  Romance and someone to love her.  Emotion crept up on her for a moment as she dried a light tear from her right eye, as her pools of deep blue seemed to soften for a moment. 

She waved it off, scoffing to herself as she shook her head no- her eyes narrowing this time as she walked on.

'I'm just fooling myself,' she thought with disgust, 'No one could ever love me.'

She walked on, stepping over a few twigs, as she stopped at a nearby, flat rock- pausing as she felt the smooth, granite texture as one last question came to her:

'After all; what creature could ever love a devil?'

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