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Come fourth, my children.  Gather and let me individually thank everyone who have read and reviewed my story.  Feel free to kick back, and get comfy, as the D-dude takes you on a spin through her own Dark Carnival.  ^-^ Do not be afraid…

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Last Pain of the Dragon:  Thanks for the review.  ^^ I'm glad you have been enjoying the story, and I hope to see you again soon- as I really want you to see the end, and me to know if you liked it. ^^ Thanks again!! ^-^

PS:  Yeah, I still kick myself for even thinking about leaving it in the dust.  ^^ Thanks for the wake-up call!  ^-^

Werecat99:  Thanks. ^^ I love pentacles.  I have a million of them in jewelry form.  ^^ I figured it would be cool to have them each for the different type of devil, and such.  I want to read some of your works here soon as well, they look interesting.  ^-^ Thanks again!  ^-^

PHHS Guard Guy:  Hey there.  ^^ Sorry I haven't been on, but I've been so fricken busy.  X.X Anyways, I'm glad you liked what you read; and yep- the story's over- so I hope it was all worth the wait.  What did you wish to tell me?  Anyways, see ya later, dude!!  ^-^

Jaden Anderson:  Hey, when are you going to update your stories?  I miss reading them.  ;_;  Anyways, I'm glad you liked this, and thanks about the name thing- though I changed it since then.  ^^ I think Shattered Diamond suits me more.  ^-^ Anyways, thanks for the kind words, and I hope to see you again soon!  Thanks!  ^-^

Moon Ashes:  Thanks so much!  ^-^ I'm glad you enjoyed what you read.  ^^  And- I'm not sure if you remember me or not, dude- but I have been reading and reviewing SR- and I must say:  great job.  ^^ But please- for the sake of myself- hook up him and Ronnie!  I love those two! ^-^ Sean deserves happiness.  ^^ Anyway, I'll see ya later!  Thanks again!  ^-^

Romantic Chic:  Who is Starlight, you ask?  Hmm.  Well, read on and find out, dear.  ^-^  Thank-you for the sweet review, and I hope you continue to feel that way about it as you read the ending result.  ^^

Makojara:  Read on, my child, read on.  ^-~ And yeah, I understand about the plot thing.  I know it's confusing.  Hell knows that I myself was once confused, as I had so many ideas, and couldn't quite see how to fit 'em all down in such short timing; but hey, I think it turned out ok.  ^^ Please, do go on.  I want to know what thought. ^^ Thanks again for reviewing!! ^^

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…Special thanks to…:

Fallen Angel of Lost Hope:  Flutter-dude.  ^^  You've been there for me since day one, and I dun think I can ever repay you for every time you've cheered me up.  ^^ Even though life for us sucks, we still manage to work through it, and come out with smiles.  ^^ Thanks for everything, and guys- if you want to read something good- check out her work.  Especially 'Eternal Love.'  I helped with that!! ::strikes a pose as 'Sly Cooper' music plays:: ^-~  Thankies again, dear, and lovies to you!  3

Irish Rhapsody:  Ci-dude.  ^^ The lady that inspired me to even write this story.  ^-^ Well, you and the Meatloaf song, of course.  ^^ Always there to cheer me up, and encourage me to write more- when all I want to do is quit and leave.  I may not be Jun; hell, I'm not Jun- but I still consider you as she does as well- Ohana.  ^-^ And yes, this woman can write- so go on and check out her works.  Preferably Earth Angel; and In the Darkness is the Light.  ^-^ My personal favorites.  ^^ Go on, I dare you. ^^  ::audience pauses::  ::cracks whip:: NOW!!    ^^;; Anyways, thanks so much, sweetie, and I shall be awaiting your review.  ::ducks as a swarm of missiles head her way::  ^^;; Heheh.  ^^ Bye, dude!! ^-^  ::runs away:: ^^

~To everyone that has stood beside me and supported me…as always…thank-you.  3

…"Be warned my children...six will visit...followed by the crumbling of time itself. Before the coming of Shangra La a dark Carnival will sweep across the land, as a shadow, plagued with destruction. A parade of freaks, jugglers, and death. This wretched nightmare is led by six faces. Three have come...three have gone.  The fourth emerges...now. He walks among
us as a shadow, void of light, powered by your own darkness, strengthened by your own wickedry. A horrid reflection of your very own deep desires cast and reflected back upon yourself. Brothers and Sisters! The time has come for the Necromaster. The unleashing of the fourth joker's card. The arrival of…The Great Milenko...Milenko...Milenko..."


~*~Welcome to the Dark Carnival~*~