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~*~*~*~*~*Flashback- Two Years Prior~*~*~*~*~*

Shocked cerulean blue eyes looked up- meeting the gaze of the woman before him.  He felt tears glisten in his pretty eyes, as he lightly whispered 'No,' in his thoughts- pleading for it all to be a mistake.  That this wasn't happening for real.

The young woman in white shook her head, laying a hand upon his shoulder, softly speaking 'I'm sorry,' as she walked off- long, black hair trailing behind her as the man felt himself collapse onto the white, marble floor.

Light locks of long, crimson red hair concealed his tears as he cupped his face with his hands- sobbing to no one really as he felt his dreams and his soul shatter to pieces like a broken mirror with just one word, one breath- spoken by the lady that had just been in the room with him.

He continued to sob- an angel now being punished for falling into the wrong path- being with the wrong people, and being disloyal to the one that he had truly loved.  A once dreamer now giving up, and a life to which was so full of beautiful hopes and desires- now ripped apart by a mistake made by losing himself to one time of lust; and a moment to shine too late.

~*~*~*~*~*Present Day~*~*~*~*~*

A young man, looking nothing past his somewhat late twenties awoke with a gasp.  Placing his hand upon his chest- he felt his heartbeat pounding; cold sweat pouring off from his pale complexion.  He sighed, feeling that sleep wouldn't find him for the rest of the night as tears began to flow down his cheeks.

Sitting up, he dried them lightly with the sheet- failing miserably as more attempted to creep their way out.  This had been the nightmare that had haunted his dreams ever since that tragic day two years ago.  They hadn't predicted his existence in the world for very long- two months in the least back then- but now two years had indeed past- and he was still amazingly around to see another day.   

Deciding to get up, he climbed out of bed- brushing his hair off of his shoulders- reaching for the silvery-black bathrobe that sat upon the end of the bed- throwing it on and tying it around him- the silken material hugging his masculine curves as he sniffled- drying one final tear as he made his way into the bathroom.

The man was exquisitely beautiful- long, soft, silken crimson red hair flowing out in a slight wave almost to how lower back as it was layered slightly- causing both short and long strands to lace his slender frame and average build, as his gentle cerulean eyes held sadness and guilt- reddened now from the tears that had fallen.

He looked in the mirror- seeing from the window outside that it was beginning to sunrise as he grabbed the nearby washcloth- lightly caressing his soft complexion- his pale, pink lips merged into a blank expression- a smile something he had long forgotten, as he sighed a bit of a depressed sigh- wishing for his time back. 

The time that he had wasted being disloyal to his angel- his one reason for living- longing so badly to turn back time and fix the whole thing- hence never leaving the man he had loved with an un-wanted gift as well.  Never making the one mistake that cost him his happiness.

"If only I had never accepted that invite," he spoke coldly, his eyes narrowing for a moment, "If I hadn't let her seduce me- then maybe I'd still be happy- and not some stupid curse."

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