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"So, Silver- what do you think of the place?"  A voice questioned to the sea green haired and midnight blue-eyed man before them.

The other man sighed, brushing some of his long hair off of his shoulders as he smiled, "It's nice, Serena.  Peaceful area too," he stated.

"I know.  Right by the lake.  Silver, I'm so jealous!  I wish I had a place like this," Serena pouted with a smirk.

"Don't worry, you will.  Once you meet the right guy and all," Silver promised.

"Yeah, true," Serena responded before turning towards her blue-eyed friend, "Hey, Silver- you're single, right?" she brought up.

"I'm gay, Serena.  You know that," Silver intervened.

Serena let out a sigh, "Yeah, I know.  It just gets lonely, you know?"

"I know the feeling.  But don't worry.  You'll find a guy that will make you the happiest that you've ever been.  Just watch," Silver spoke once more. 

"Thanks.  What about you?  I mean, you're nice.  Why don't you have a boyfriend?" Serena asked.

"I've wondered about that myself.  I mean, after Randy-" I began.

"I remember you told me about him.  He was the one you loved and tried to kill out of anger, right?"  Serena questioned.

I nodded.

"And then you found out he got married and such after a year or so?" Serena went on.

"That's the one," I confirmed.

Serena gave a nod, "I understand.  But hey, don't let it get ya down, friend.  I mean, no one knows about your past.  It's a chance to start over."

"That's why I moved here," Silver concluded.

"Umm hmm," Serena agreed as she looked down at her watch, "Aw man, I gotta go to work.  Rats," she whined.

Silver laughed a bit, "I know that feeling."

"Yeah," Serena added, "Goddamn it!" she cursed.

Silver smiled lightly, laughing a bit, "Well, you're only working the five hour shift, right?  It'll be over soon."

"True.  You do have a good point.  All right, what the hell?  I mean, if it gets really bad- I'll fake sick and go home," Serena replied jokingly.

"Perfect," Silver finished up.

Serena nodded, picking up her black purse, "Well, I'll see you later, Silver. Have fun."

"Bye, Serena.  You too," Silver said as he noticed his friend wave with a smile and head out.

He sighed.  It was only 9pm, and he was ready to crash for the night. 

"Must be all that moving in I did," he told himself as he went into the cabinet and grabbed a red, plastic glass. 

Filling it with cold, tap water- he decided to call it a night.  He made his way upstairs, finishing the water as he set it upon the nightstand in his bedroom.  He slipped out of his t-shirt and jeans, and into his nightclothes. 

Turning down his queen-sized bed, he climbed in it and brought the covers to his waist, lying down as he placed his head upon his arms, sighing deeply as he let his thoughts drift to the past year or so. 

The one he loved was already taken.  He was still in shock.  Feeling a tear slide down his pale cheek, he wiped it away- fighting back the others that were trying to find their ways out.

Gazing out the window, he noticed two fireflies drift by.  He sighed, "Even they have someone," he managed to say before breaking down completely. 

Reaching to his left for the other pillow, he brought it to his chest- sobbing into it as he thought of the one he had loved for so long- but chose to cause pain to, and was now taken, the love he had before and taken the life of- all because of a stupid fight they had had, for the time he spent being miserable, and to the ones that had shunned him out because of who he was and how he loved.

He may not have been- but inside- within his heart and his spirit- he was still locked up after all.  He cried until his body couldn't take it any longer.  Lifting his face out from the pillow, he looked out the window before him- gazing out onto the nighttime sky.  Giving a soft whimper, he felt the powers of sleep take over- closing his eyes as he fell into a dreamless oblivion.

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