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::sighs::  I have so many wonderful people to thank for this story.  Without the greatness of everyone here, this never would have been able to happen at all. ^^ Please take a moment to read this one section- and if you are one of the kind spirits that reviewed- then your name should be on here.  First off, allow me to proceed with the reviewer thank-you's:

crazymax6987:  My very first reviewer for Crimson. ^^ Sorry about not being on lately- but I've been focused in on my work- plus, I don't really use my Guardian name anymore.  It's rare that you'll ever find me on.  But maybe I should to say hi, since it's been a while since we've talked. ^^ Anyway, Selene appreciates the hug, as does Silver.  ^_^ I'm glad you've enjoyed reading this, as I know when people give me nice feedback- it makes me feel great. ^^ Thanks again, and talk to you soon! ^_^

demonic-muses:  Always there to kick my butt into shape with updating.  ^^ It was great to talk to you that one day, and I hope we do get too again real soon.  ^^ Thanks for all your kind words and support with my work- I love seeing past reviewers come back to comment on recent work. ^^ Thanks again and I promise, I shall get started on the sequel soon! :dodges pitchfork but fails miserably:  Ow. ^_~ 

IceAngelDarkMoon:  Ici!!  :huggles:  Where have you been, friend?  I've missed you!  Well, I hope you return soon, and I'm so happy that you love this story. ^^ Thank-you so much for all of your wonderful ideas.  You always help me out, and your info about vamps is amazing!  ^_^ Thank-you so much and I hope you return soon- I miss you!!  Thanks for everything, dude! ^_^

Ciara - Irish Emerald:  My caring and wonderful beta.  ^^ What would I do without you, girl?  Probably go into withdrawals from not having someone to talk to at 2am about Treasure Planet. ^_~ I hope you're having fun on your trip, and come home safely, you hear me? ^^ Thanks so much for all of your lovely reviews and wonderful ideas. ^^ Couldn't have asked for a better beta.  You are a great writer, eventhough you don't believe me, and an even greater friend.  ^^ Don't ever change.  Thanks again! ^_^

Angel Eyes of Fire:  My dear Raven. ^^ Man, I am still laughing about that one joke about the baby.  :snickers:  I know, I am a chicken in not doing it quite like that in the dream sequence- but hey, I didn't wanna gross anyone out.  But still- that's a classic.  ^_~ Anyway dear, you kick my sorry ass when it needs to be kicked and always lend a shoulder if I need one.  ^^ I may not be Hope herself- but indeed, your Bloss will always be there for you. ^^ Thanks so much, Sweetie, and I shall catch you later!  Till then! ^_^

GodsFlutterBug07:  Long time no see, stranger. ^^ That sucks about being grounded- parents and such. :growls at parents:  But ah well. ^^7 Anyway, glad to hear you're out on 'parole,' and that you have enjoyed reading Crimson. ^^ You say you have some ideas for Love?  I wanna hear, Mommy, I wanna hear! ^_^ Drop me a line, or better yet- I can email you or whatever and you can share?  I really do love that story and I hope you caught the title of the book that Alexandrite was reading. ^_~ Yep, it was intended to be that way- the title. ^_^ Thanks a million and I hope to talk to you again soon! ^_^

None Existent Author:  Although I'm still upset with you, I didn't want to sink to a low and not mention you in here- as you were a reviewer, and at one time- a friend.  I am glad that you liked what you read of Crimson, and I just wish you hadn't gone off and wrote me that harsh review back in Storm- as I truly wanted to talk to you calmly and civilly.  But that is your choice, Will, and I must respect your wishes.  Anyway, thank-you again and good luck with whatever life you choose.

Moon Ashes:  Tee hee- I remember that line from Shawn now. ^^ I miss that story, Marissa- are you still planning to continue, or just leave it as is?  I still love Ronnie, eventhough you say he's not loveable. ^^ Anyway, haven't talked to you in a long time- how have you been?  Glad to hear you've enjoyed the story and I shall check out some of your latest works.  ^^ Thanks again for the feedback!  See you later, dude! ^_^

GoldenTears:  First of all, I'd like to say this:  I love your name! ^^ Where did you come up with it?  ^^ Hehe, sorry.  ^^7 And secondly, aww.  :smiles warmly:  Thanks so much for the sweet words. ^^ Your story was great, and I'd love to read more of your work very soon.  ^^ Maybe I'll do that as a thank-you for all your nice reviews. ^_~ Anyway, I'm surprised that no one reviews your work- it's really good. ^^ But anyway, thanks so much for all your support, and I hope you return for the sequel.  ^^ Thanks a bunch and see you later! ^_^

chronicles5:  My wonderful friend. ^^ And also my Michi in Storm. ^_~ You were there for me when I was unsure about this story, and encouraged me to go on and post- as you said chapter one was awesome. ^^ Thanks for all your help and ideas- and for kicking my butt into posting this thing up- you're one of the reasons why Crimson Tears has turned into something gorgeous. ^^ I hope you're having fun on your trip. ^^ Your emails have been great, and I'm glad you're enjoying your time down there.  ^^ Be sure to come back soon, and bring me back a present! ^_~  Kidding! ^^ Ja ne, friend! ^_^

I want to extend this next thanks- to my wonderful boyfriend, Ales.  Love of my life, and my everything. ^^ Sweetie, you will never know just how wonderful you are to me. ^^ You have made my dreams come true, and I have loved you ever since we first met that night three months ago. You are in my heart and I am always by your side.  I promise, that I will never leave you for anything, and will cherish you for the beautiful angel that you truly are.  ^_^ I have waited forever for you, and I will wait for an eternity- just to hold you in my arms.  Don't ever forget or doubt my love for you.  May we meet again tonight, sweet angel, and I love you so very much.  ~your Junsei~  * 3  *  3  *  3  *  3  *  3  *  3  *  3  *

And lastly, a big, warm thanks to you. ^^ Yeah, you sitting right there; reading what I typed. ^_^ Although you may not be a reviewer, you still took the time to stop and read my story- to which I am eternally grateful. ^_^ Thanks so much and I hope you did enjoy it, as I had so much fun writing it.  A lot of energy went into this piece, and seeing that so many have loved and came back for more of it- just makes my day even better.  ^_^ Thanks again, and see you at the sequel! ^_^

…"Tick tick tock goes my clock

As it counts away my life

For I still feel like a child inside

Still wondering what is to come

What would be a life with no one to share it with?

When all I want to do is share it with you

Love was only a dream

In my mind so dark

You are my stars in the night sky

To guide me on my path

Tears cloud my eyes

Now I see the truth that is you

I can no longer deny what my heart screams

I'll love you now and till the end of time…"

~AngelEyesofFire  (Entitled:  "Until the End of Time")