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I still couldn't believe it. Three years of marriage, and Mali and I were still going strong. In fact, stronger than ever. :sigh: My beautiful angel. I still thought and called him that; even after all this time. Sometimes I found myself pinching myself to make sure it wasn't all a dream, and I would wake up lonely; by myself once again.

I asked my love once, that if he could go back and do it all over again; even the hurt and everything that we went through; would he go for it? And his answer: In a heartbeat. He's so sweet. The years haven't affected him a bit. He still looked and acted the same. He still had his tough, Buttercup-like exterior, but inside? He was still softhearted.

Myself? Well, I had changed just a little bit. Twenty-six years old and working as a florist now. I know you're going to ask me: what? What happened to interior decorating? Well, I just lost interest in that field; plus, that part of my life was a painful one, and something I'd like to forget, so, I went into what I really love: floriculture.

I had recently opened up my own business, and if I do say so myself, it was going great. Mali helps me out sometimes, and drops by for visits.

Malachite however, stayed true to his heart. He just recently published his second book, and is working right now on he and my autobiography. He said that he wants to teach others that loving differently is okay, and that your soulmate can very well be of the same gender.

I'm really proud of him. Of course, I always was. He's doing well too, because I know that they can't keep his stories on the shelves long enough! We both think that's awesome. He was so perfect for that job. Plus, he loved meeting the fans and signing autographs. It suited him.

As for Princess, she had been arrested that night. I guess when Marissa called the cops, she told them her address and they were there waiting for her. Mali and I both laughed when we heard about that. I mean, I know it probably sounds really mean, but in a way, she deserved it.

Though, I did feel bad for her when she started crying and apologized that day. Maybe she does have some good in her after all. Who knows? At any rate, I hope that she can find herself a love like Mali and I share. Then maybe she would be able to calm down some.

Earlier this year, Malachite and I had been looking at a pretty cabin right out in the countryside, but decided to stay in our place by the sea- since it had always held a special place in our hearts. Plus, it was where we had first fallen in love. So, why leave such a beautiful place that we have now?

We've also been discussing adoption. I sincerely love kids, and have always wanted one of my own. Especially with my love. Mali says that he wants one, because he was an only child, and always felt lonely; so, we're talking about expanding our family.

I bet you're wondering what will happen with us now. Well, I really don't know what the future has in store for us. But all I know that whatever does get thrown our way- I'll be hanging onto my angel and never letting go.

For you see, I learned a lot from everything that we went through. I learned that eventhough you may feel like no one cares about you; that you're wrong. And, that there is truly someone out there that really does care for you. They may not show up until later in life, or they could be right in front of you. But no matter what life throws at you, that special someone is there, and always will be there. You just have to look hard enough for them.

Or, like with me- when all the stakes are down; and you are about to give up; that sacred love always comes and changes your life. I know this. And I walked down the aisle with this special someone three years ago. My light, my strength, my angel- my Mali.

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