Ten Reasons I'm the World's Luckiest Girlfriend BOYfriend-Vander and Jordan

Vander was used to Jordan's eccentricities. On more than one occassion, he'd found notes lying here or there around the apartment, or had been woken up at three in the morning to see a particular star. His lover's odd little peculiarities were one of the many things he loved about him. It was with little surprise, then, that he can home and found a cut up piece of thick paper with the words Ten Reasons I'm the World's Luckiest Girlfriend BOYfriend, with the word 'boyfriend' handwritten in Jordan's slanted writing.

He took a few minutes to smile at the message, enjoying the fact that Jordan had wanted him to see it as soon as he came home. It had been taped to the hook he hung his keys on, a place he was unlikely to miss it. As he looked at it, he realized that the bottom edge was uneven, a sign that it had been cut, and his brain picked up belatedly on the 'Ten Reasons' part. It seemed that Jordan had decided to chop up a greeting card.

"Ten reasons, huh?" Van murmured to himself as he finally put his keys on their hook and made his way towards the kitchen. The next piece was waiting for him, and he peeled it from the cupboard door.

10) You hold my hand in public

He set the small pieces of paper on the counter as he opened the cupboard for a glass. Inside was a third piece.

9) You let me control the remote control

Number nine caused him to laugh out loud as he took down the wine glass it had been sitting in. With a wide grin, he turned to the fridge, pulled off number eight, and opened the door before reading it. Inside was a bottle of wine and number seven.

8) You cook me romantic dinners
7) You give the best V-day presents

He took the hint and grabbed the wine before heading back to the cupboard for a second wine glass. He took a tray down from the cupboard above the fridge, where he found number six, and then went back to the counter.

6) You bring me breakfast in bed

He opened the bottle and poured two glasses of wine before picking up the tray, settling it on his left arm, and heading for the bedroom. Number five was taped to the wall across from the kitchen. Four and three were on the bathroom door, and number two was on the door to their bedroom.

5) You rub my feet after a bad day
4) You know my favorite type of flower
3) You're the world's best kisser
2) Shoe size IS an indication of endowment

He opened the door and smiled at the candlelight that glowed. To his surprise, the bed was empty.

"You're early," Jordan's voice commented. Van turned around in time to see his boyfriend emerge from the bathroom.

Van stepped forward for a kiss, leaning upwards to meet Jordans' descending mouth. "It was a slow night and tips were good. I could afford to skip out."

The kiss was short, but sweet, and Jordan pulled back to smile at the tray held so professionally in Van's hands. "Old habit?"

"Smart-ass," Van returned, the words laced with amusement. He tapped the forefinger of his right hand on the pile of papers on the tray. "I seem to be missing one."

"Ah, yes," Jordan said, his smile dropping as his face took on a thoughtful expression. "It does seem that you're missing one. Number one, to be exact." He didn't seem too concerned about it, as he pressed his hand to Vander's chest and pushed him backwards slowly. "I missed you today."

"You miss me every day," Van said, but he was pleased to hear the words. He was also very pleased to see that Jordan was leading him to the bed. "Baby, I'm going to spill the one if you try to tip me back."

"I'm not going to tip you back," Jordan corrected, just as Van felt the bed press against the back of his legs. "We're going to sit." Jordan sat, then tugged on Vander's arm gently until they were sitting together on the bed, partially turned towards each other, the tray and wine glasses between them. Jordan took the nearest glass and wrapped long fingers around the stem. "I want to make a toast."

Van took the other glass and then leaned over to put the tray gently on the floor, careful of the paper piled on it. He raised his wine glass between them once he'd straightened. "What shall we toast?" he asked.

His lover took a moment to respond, eye growing distant as Jordan thought. Finally, he focused back on Van. "To the world's greatest boyfriend."

"To the world's greatest boyfriend," Van repeated. They each took a drink, Van's wine disappearing in one gulp, while Jordan's took three. Van took Jordan's glass and set it and his own on the tray. "Out of curiosity, were we toasting you or me?" he teased.

Jordan grinned. "Does it matter?" he asked, before pushing back on Van's shoulders and straddling his lap. He wrapped his arms around Van's shoulders and leaned in for a kiss, which Van promptly returned and deepened.

Somewhere between that second kiss and the sixth, Van lost his shoes, pants, and underwear, and Jordan lost his shirt. Still half dressed, they shifted up the bed until they were both laying on it, instead of their legs lying half off. Van was laying over Jordan, wrapped tightly between the other man's legs, aroused enough that the friction caused by Jordan's cotton pants was helping ease him towards a state of mindless bliss. It helped that Jordan's hands, with their strong, long fingers, were gripping his ass and holding him close as they moved on to their tenth kiss.

It took them until their thirteenth kiss to remember that the other still had half his clothes on, and they separated only long enough to rid themselves of their respective clothing before meeting again in the middle of the bed, this time complete naked. Van rolled onto his back and spread his legs, an invitation Jordan accepted quickly. They moved together, pressing, rubbing, grinding, and even through the haze of lustful frenzy, they managed to work both lubricant tube and condom.

It was during the thirty-third kiss, and somewhere around the eight stroke and twenty-something-eth thrust that Vander came. Jordan followed soon after, and they collapsed together on sweaty, rumpled sheets, still connected.

The thirty-fourth and thirty-fifth kisses were gentle and tired, as they separated and rolled onto their backs, not touching. Habit would force them both up within the following five minutes to shower, most likely together, and then the sheets would have to be changed before they got back into bed to cuddle. There was something uncomfortable about cuddling when you were sweaty and sticky.

Jordan was just rising from the bed when Van remembered what had preceded their advent into bed. "What happened to number one?" he asked. Jordan turned to look at him, confused for a moment before recalling the little scene he had planned. He glanced at the bed, eyes scanning for some hidden sheet of paper.

"It was on the bed," he said simply, shrugging. He grinned and winked. "I don't think it's important anymore, do you?"

Van took a moment to eye his lover before shaking his head. "No. I think I got the point. Just curious to know what it was."

"You can't guess?" Jordan asked, tsking lightly and shaking his head.

"Smart-ass," Van muttered, rolling off the bed. Any heat was taken out of his tone as he wrapped an arm around Jordan's waist and started leading him towards the bathroom. "You smell."

"Hm, yes. I smell like you and sex," Jordan agreed, tilting his head forward and making a show of sniffing himself. He leaned down and pressed his nose to Van's shoulder and inhaled deeply. "And you smell like me and sex."

"We're going to be using all the hot water again, aren't we?" Van asked, shutting the bathroom door as Jordan bent over the bathtub and set the water temperature.

"Does it matter?" Jordan asked in return. "The water will be cold before either of us recovers enough to play."

"Good point," Van conceded. He pulled two towels out from under the sink and set them over the towel rack on the wall. He turned around and caught Jordan smiling at him. "I love you."

Jordan only smiled more broadly. "I know."

1) You love me


Author's Note: Definitely one of my happier shorts. ^_^ Written for Angelic Hooligan. She wanted smut, and this is about the best I could come up with. It took me little over an hour to write...and it's incredibly short. I don't know if that's good, or not...

Inspiration was nothing. *shrugs* Just thought of it...though, with the title, it could be Drarian's fault. Doesn't matter, though, because the damage is done. I hope you enjoyed it.