Friends with Benefits- Zade and Kylan

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Kylan is, of course, the type to be overdramatic. The man can't enter a room with some kind of flounce, bounce, or flutter. So when he swirls into the dorm room he and Kylan shares, tosses his coat across the nearest chair (which happens to be the one Zade is sitting in), and flops, boneless, on the futon (which also happens to be Zade's), Zade knows it is a ploy to get his attention. He gives it, knowing if he doesn't Kylan will find another way to earn it.

"Is there a problem?" Zade asks calmly, turning in his chair to look at Kylan. He looks amused, which he is, and relaxed, which he also is. He also looks like he'd been in the midst of watching porn; he's shirtless and sweaty in a rather cool room, and his sweatpants (Zade's normal nightwear) are pushed low on his hips. Kylan, of course, doesn't care what his roommate looks like at the moment, however, because he is too lost in his own woes.

"She broke up with me," Kylan announces. His face and tone say that this is a bad thing, but his legs are kicking over the arm of the futon in an excited (or agitated) manner and Zade raises an eyebrow as first

"What reason did she give?" the man at the desks asks, using his foot to drag the trash can that normally sits under the desk out so he can use it as a footrest.

"She says her cat is psychic and doesn't like me." Kylan pushes himself to his elbows and gives Zade a look that is part confusion, part anger, and part incredulity. "The hell kind of reason is that? I haven't even -met- her cat, but the thing hates me because it can read my aura off her? Or something stupid like that…and how the hell does she know what her cat thinks?"

The urge to laugh is too strong and Zade doesn't even try to hide it as he guffaws. The foot on the trashcan pushes him further back in the chair, until he's nearly lying on his back and laughing at the ceiling. Kylan drops back on the bed with a huff, but within seconds, he's laughing too, and shaking his head.

Kylan's laughter fades before the sound of Zade's, and he rolls his eyes in what he considers an exaggeration of humor. He reaches up blindly for one of the little pillows he knows is on the other end of the futon, and when his fingers close around it, he instantly raises his arm from the bed and throws it awkwardly at Zade. It hits him in the face and he loses his balance. The chair and it's occupant tip onto the floor and the sound of his laughter pauses only a few seconds before it starts again, louder than before.

Eventually, the laughter does fade, and the two lay where they are, Kylan on the bed and Zade on the floor.

"My head hurts," Zade states from the floor. Kylan chuckles as his roommate flips over, using his hands on the floor and his feet on the edge of the chair to do it smoothly. Kylan does notice that movement, and he watches as Zade stretches a bit, bare torso showing off nicely tuned muscles and tanned skin.

"My pride hurts," quips Kylan, raising his eyes to Zade's brown ones and grinning. "Do you believe in comfort sex, Zade?"

"Of course," is Zade's quick response. He grins at Kylan, his hands on his hips. "If you're talking physically, it releases endorphins in your body. If you're talking emotionally, I'd say nothing's better on the ego than good and well-appreciated sex."

The words infiltrate Kylan's brain and go straight to the scheming part where an idea has been building for several weeks. Not one to miss an opportunity or one to worry about the consequences of his impulsiveness, Kylan's next question is said in a lower tone, edging on husky. "Do you think sex between friends ruins a friendship?"

Zade raises a dark eyebrow, his brown eyes scanning Kylan's face and pose before his eyes flicker back up. The blond is reclined on the bed in a seductive pose (or what Kylan probably assumes is one) and his head his tilted at an inviting angle, eyes lust-filled and expectant.

Three years of being friends and six months of living together as roommates have given Zade a good insight into Kylan and he knows that if he refuses to take the bait that's been offered, things will go back to as they were before. They're both the type of people who adapt easily and move on. He also has a good idea of what would follow if he chose to accept the opening. He just isn't the type to play on someone else's terms.

"If there's something you'd like to ask, Ky, ask. Don't sit there all smug and tempting unless you want me to ignore you in favor of porn streamed from the web," he says bluntly, righting his chair and standing beside it. His posture is open and waiting, denying the insinuation that web-streamed porn holds appeal for him.

Kylan shifts, moving from seductive young man to pouting child in a blink. "I'm not smug." His pout deepens and turns into a frown. "You'd really choose porn over me?"

The answer is a chuckle, and Zade shakes his head. "I'd choose porn over talking semantics with you and listening to you whine about being dumped. So, unless you're offering something better-?" he lets the question hang in the air, eyes intense as he gazes into Kylan's blue orbs.

"You're such an ass," Kylan says with a sigh. The blond sits up, his legs slipping from the arm of the futon to the floor. He doesn't stop there, however, and he keeps moving forward, his feet stepping away from the futon and stopping. He never stands fully, though, and he drops to his knees in front of Zade, back arched slightly as he gazes up into Zade's face. "Will you have comfort sex with me, Zade?" Kylan asks directly.

Surprise fills Zade for a moment, but even if his brain can't catch up with Kylan coming straight out and saying it, his body can. When Kylan reaches a hand out and up, aiming towards Zade's hip, his body twitches, and then presses into the touch. "Yes," he breaths out, word more ragged than he would have liked. He reaches down and cups his hands around the back of Kylan's head as the blond leans closer. "Rules first, though," he manages, barely holding onto his control as he uses his grip to keep the blond out of contact with his groin.

Kylan sighs and pulls back again. "What?"

"We are still friends. Friends with benefits, but still friends. No cheating on actual boyfriends or girlfriends, no unprotected sex, no sex after boyfriends or girlfriends without getting tested first. No jealousy, no commitment, no whining about it when one of us isn't in the mood."

"Deal," Kylan agrees quickly. He grins as his fingers hook in the top of Zade's sweatpants. "Are we done with the boring part now?"

"We're done," Zade confirms, grip loosening in Kylan's hair. "On to the fun part."

"Oh, yes." Kylan yanks Zade's sweats down. "You don't wear underwear?"

Zade looks down and shakes his head, amusement over the comment warring with frustration over the halt. "You pulled them off with the sweats. Though I normally go without if I'm planning on getting laid."

Kylan smirks and places his hands back on Zade's hips. "You weren't planning on getting laid, then? Just going to sit in front of the computer and jack-off?" Kylan's eyes are inquisitive and playful and Zade grins in return.

"That was the plan until you came home. Comfort sex is better than masturbation any day of the week. Of course, I might get to neither if you plan on using your mouth to chat all night."

Kylan smirks before looking back to stare eye-to-eye with Zade's cock. The smirk fades, replaced with a frown that's only half faked. "You know, Zade. This is a situation I've never been in before. Maybe you should do me first and I can take notes."

Zade isn't about to fall for that, though he does let Kylan lean back (and away) again. "Ky, you've watched the same amount of porn as I have, so don't even try to say that I could possibly have more experience than you." Kylan gives him a look of distaste, and he releases the back of Kylan's head and steps back. "I'll buy you The Art of Gay Sex later."

With a groan that is entirely real, Kylan follows Zade's backwards movement until he's half-sprawled on the floor. "I'm not waiting to read a book," he says, disdain clear in his voice.

"Then what do you suggest?" questions Zade, who has already pulled his pants up to cover himself. He's still hard, though, and the position Kylan is in has pushed his ass up in the air and his back arched…it's definitely tempting and he barely restrains himself from getting closer and placing his hands on the lovely curve of Kylan's rump.

"I don't know," Kylan says, turning his face so that his cheek is resting against the carpet. His eyes are closed and his lips are pursed in frustration. "Sixty-nine?"

"I'm not sucking your dick if there's any chance at all you're going to bite mine off when you come," Zade refuses that option instantly. Their inexperience is a big factor in what he's willing to attempt for the time being. He hesitates a moment, eyes tracing the lines of Kylan's body. "I'll make you deal. I'll go down on you first if I get top rights."

"Top rights?" Kylan repeats, looking up with interest clearly written in his face. He runs the words through his head a few times while Zade waits for him to get it, and then his face changes and takes on a predatory leer. "Deal. I will be your bitch if you go first."

Zade rolls his eyes at the 'bitch' comment, but decides that he'll worry about Kylan's slang later…much later.

To start, he gets Kylan up from the floor. The shorter man tries immediately to embrace Zade, but he's decided that since his mouth is on the line first, he's in charge…he holds Kylan at arm's length and walks him backwards to the futon. When the edge hit's the back of Kylan's knees, he makes a point of looking over his shoulder. Zade pushes him backwards and Kylan falls, his legs kicking up from the floor in instinct, and only Zade's quick reflexes save him from being moved forcibly 'out of the mood.'

He drops to his knees by the futon and pushes Kylan's knees aside, then he pulls his roommate, his friend, and his soon-to-be lover closer, so that he can feel the heat of Kylan's erection against his stomach. Kylan smiles and wraps his arms loosely over Zade's shoulder. "Hello, big boy," Kylan murmurs, licking his lip and giving Zade a come-hither look.

"Ky," Zade says in a husky tone, drawing the other closer. He bypasses the blond's lips in favor of pressing his lips against the lobe of his ear. "If you make me laugh, we stop." The words are sharper than Kylan expects, and he tenses for a moment before nodding his agreement. Satisfied with the response, Zade shows his appreciation by first licking, and then suckling on, Kylan's earlobe.

Kylan shivers slightly and his arms tighten around Zade, holding the brunet close. He closes his eyes and tilts his head back and a little to the side, allowing for easier access as Zade's lips move down the side of his neck and forwards, across his throat and then up towards his chin. Kylan doesn't open his eyes until Zade kisses the corner of his mouth and then stops abruptly, and then he only opens them to see what's keeping Zade's mouth from his. He finds dark eyes staring back at him, pupils dilated within deep brown irises.

He hesitates, uncertain as to what Zade is looking for. If he's an open and easily read book to Zade, Zade is a padlocked diary of which he's only seen a few pages. The desire he can read easily, but there's something behind it and it makes his heart beat even heavier than it already was and his breathing, ragged before, starts coming out in heavy pants. "Zade-"

The name embodies pleading and uncertainty, desire and affection, and Zade responds to it by finally pressing his lips to Kylan's mouth. Their first kiss isn't too awkward; both men have kissed other people and there is some comfort in knowing that it's a friend they're kissing and they won't be judged as harshly as, say, the head cheerleader from senior year or the goth-girl Kylan dated at the beginning of their freshmen year of college. They're comfortable with each other, and it shows in the relaxed, almost lazy way they kiss, lips and tongues melding smoothly and slowly.

Their thoughts, though, aren't on the kiss. Zade is thinking that the skin on Kylan's back is smooth and warm and wonderful to knead and rub, and Kylan is wondering how a backrub, granted a backrub that includes kissing, could be so stimulating. And they're both still wearing their clothes, which is a situation Zade is soon to remedy.

Zade moves his hands up Kylan's back, bunching the material of his shirt as he goes, until he reaches Kylan's shoulders and comes to the realization that to take the shirt off completely, he's going to have to stop kissing him. That, however, is not an option, and with much maneuvering and a soft chuckle from Kylan, they manage to get his arms out of the shirt so that it hangs around his neck, ignored for the most part as Zade learns the contours of Kylan's mouth.

The air in the room is cool, and the heat of Zade's hands is a welcome and tantalizing difference, one that makes Kylan arch into Zade's hands when he runs them over the blond's chest and stomach.

Kylan has been playing with Zade's shoulders and the upper portion of his back all the while, his own hands content to grip and hold on while their mouths become acquainted. Zade's exploration stirs feelings of wanderlust in them, though, and while Zade's hands run a path down Kylan's back and over his ass, Kylan's hands take their first tentative trip down Zade's chest, fingers stopping for a moment to run over the nubs of his nipples before sliding lower and settling over the muscles of his abdomen. In that position, Kylan can feel each deep breath Zade takes and he can enjoy the feeling of little hitches and pants and muscle twitches that occur.

He sucks in a deep breath and bucks his hips when one of Zade's hands move from his ass, over his hip, and cups him through his pants. He hears himself whimper lightly when Zade presses against him, rubbing him through the jean material.

Zade smiles against Kylan's mouth as he works the snap and zipper on the blond's pants...

Kylan makes another whimpering noise when Zade breaks the kiss, and it's quickly followed by a groan as the dark head moves down his body on a direct path towards his groin. It doesn't make it there immediately, and he shudders in expectation as kisses land on his neck, collarbone, sternum, stomach, navel…


They lay together, side-by-side, for several minutes as their breathing and heart rates returned to normal. Kylan is the first to move after that, and he sits up, reaches over, and picks up the leg of Zade's discard pants. He grimaces a little as he uses it to clean the cum from his own stomach, and then he drops the clothing back on the floor and stretches out on his side.

"Do our benefits extend to cuddling?" he asks, smirking slightly. Zade turns his head to look at him, rolls his eyes at the expression on Kylan's face, and shrugs. Kylan takes that as a 'yes' and scoots closer. They end up with their arms around each other, with Kylan pressed against Zade's side, and one leg of the blond thrown over both of the brunet's legs.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Zade asked after a few more minutes. Kylan's head was resting on his shoulder and his face was turned down and to the side so that his jaw was against Kylan's forehead.

"Like what?" Kylan returned in a tone that said he was on the verge of sleep.

Zade sighed and shook his head. "You're supposed to tell me how wonderful it was and then you're supposed to say something about doing it again."

Kylan snickered and tightened the arm he had over Zade's stomach. "And why do -I- get the privilege of sounding like a deflowered virgin girl?"

"Because you agreed to be my bitch. It's part of your duties. That, and rubbing my feet on really bad days."

"Ew," Kylan said eloquently, offering a shudder. "Please tell me that you'll at least wash your feet before I'm expected to rub them."

"I'll think about it," said Zade, just before he closed his eyes.

"Do benefits include sleeping together?" Kylan whispered. He was already snuggling closer and settling down for the night, or a nap, and so the question was moot.

Zade made a considering sound in his throat. "Sure. But it doesn't include letting you steal the covers."

"That's fine," Kylan said, the words spoken around a yawn. "We're laying on 'em anyway."


Author's Note: Dedicated to Lira-chan, because she's fun and I promised her smut a long while ago. There will be more of these two, but don't expect it too soon. They're very fun, but not fun enough for me to put off other stuff just for them. Well, them and smut.